Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taxi Driver Interviews: Part I In An Occassional Series

(After the taxi driver caught my eye a few times, as I was hesitating between grabbing a cab and taking the bus.)

"Ah, I THOUGHT you wanted a taxi! I thought to myself, 'She needs a taxi, she just doesn't know it yet.'"

Yes, I was thinking about taking the bus, but if I did, I would have been late, and I can't be late. It's important.

"Oh? You have an important meeting? Is it with a VIP? Is it work, are you on your way to a work meeting?"

Actually, it's with my boyfriend, so...yes, he's a VIP.

"OH!" (Laughing) "He IS a VIP! He's a super VIP!"

Yes, I think so.

"That is good, you're a good girl. But you know, men, we are used to waiting for women. Women are ALWAYS late."

Yes, we take a long time. We have to get pretty.

"Yes, but they are always worth it!"

Oh really?

"Yes! Women are always worth it. We men, we always wait, but if she is a good girl, she is worth it. If she is nice and sweet, and doesn't cheat around, and a pretty girl...she's worth it."

I see.

"You can tell your boyfriend I said so."

I will do that.

"Now, my older daughter, she is not a good girl. Not worth it."

...I'm sorry, what? Your daughter is not a good girl?

"No! She is not a good girl. She's not in school, she doesn't work around the house, all she does is sleep all day and go out all night, she's loud, always playing the loud music, keeping her door closed. Lazy. Worthless girl."


"Yes! I kicked her out. I told her, 'You have to go, get out.' Because you have to be firm, you know. I asked her to do just a little bit of work around the house--help your sister, clean your room, help clean the kitchen, you know, just...HELP! It wasn't a lot--just help out the family, everyone has to pitch in!"

Yes, that doesn't seem like a lot.

"But she wouldn't, so I kicked her out. After two months she came back, she said that she was sorry and she didn't like living without the family, that she would change and it would all be different. And after three weeks...she was back to her old ways. Going out all night, never helping. I kicked her out again. Three weeks, she lasted, but without the family, she is still crying."

That's sad.

"Yes! She is loco en cabesa, as the Spanish say."

(Laughing) Crazy in the head! Yes. Are you Spanish?

"No, I am Egyptian. But I love languages. And you speak Spanish?"

Un poquito.

"Un poquito, well, that is still good. I speak Spanish and some Italian, and I am trying to learn Japanese."


"I love languages. I love people!"

Me too.

"Oh, here we are! Tell your boyfriend that you are worth waiting for. You are a good girl."

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Words of Love

Boyfriend: "I remembered that tonight is the start of the NFL season but am going to the symphony to be with you anyway."