Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't Get Me Down

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dawg is...

...exhausted by the hard work of protecting our perimeter.

Our NETWORK perimeter, that is.

I keep trying to tell him that viruses have no smell, but I'm not sure it's getting through. (Spot the pun!)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


America, I love you.

(This post is so cheating and I don't even care.)

And E, Entrepreneur, my boy, the light of my heart, who canvassed for the Human Rights Campaign when he could barely walk, YOU. You helped. You actually, measurably, HELPED CHANGE THE WORLD.

SO sexy.

Who says one person can't change the world?

Today, the world has been changed for everyone.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Where we camped

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by My Tracks on Android. Name: 10/20/2012 15:08 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 4.22 km (2.6 mi) Total time: 05:57 Moving time: 05:39 Average speed: 42.52 km/h (26.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 44.83 km/h (27.9 mi/h) Max speed: 74.70 km/h (46.4 mi/h) Average pace: 1.41 min/km (2.3 min/mi) Average moving pace: 1.34 min/km (2.2 min/mi) Fastest pace: 0.80 min/km (1.3 min/mi) Max elevation: 786 m (2579 ft) Min elevation: 684 m (2244 ft) Elevation gain: 2 m (6 ft) Max grade: 2 % Min grade: -16 % Recorded: 10/20/2012 15:08