Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Food, Plus Some Discussion of Warehouse Cooking

I still can't believe that not only am I still using the George Forman grill, am I actually LIKING the George Forman grill, but even worse, I'm trying to imagine what ELSE I can cook on the George Forman Grill and actually LOOKED FOR AND FOUND THE COOKBOOK.

I haven't opened it yet, though.

It looks much better in the Instagram shot.

More food!

That's right. I made that. AND I ATE IT FOR LUNCH AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. (Okay, so it's not actually my picture, but I swear it looked close.) Mine was made with peanut coconut sauce out of a bottle. But I doctored it up with a dollop of sunflower seed butter--delicious--and added a little sriracha, because duh. For a base I used faux noodles--of course I did--and cabbage salad, sold by the pound at the hot bar at WF, and premade with rice vinegar, slivered almonds, and green onions. Added an awesome crunch. And, at the end, lime chicken, also from the WF hot bar.

All these details are because I'm trying to figure out how best to cook in my warehouse kitchen--for the umpteenth time, but maybe this time around I'll pay more attention--and part of that is buying thing that are slightly premade, so I can mix THOSE things into OTHER things and end up with a restaurant quality dish for less money and time. And fewer dishes, because we literally don't do dishes. At all.

Anyway! Peanut-Coconut Chicken and Cabbage Over Noodles! Goes great with ginger soda--homemade, of course. Seltzer water, ginger juice, and stevia for sweetening. Great sugar-free way to get water--AND get some ginger! Good for what ails you!

Saturday, September 05, 2015


I did something today! This is a pressed breakfast sandwich on a George Forman grill, something which we happened to have lying around the kitchen, and which (although I tend to be a hater of kitchen gadgets) did a bang up job of turning a pile of kale, ham, cheddar, and egg into something recognizable as a Sandwich. 

Notes: I used the Medium setting--hooray for dumbed-down controls! I'm having a stupid hard time getting the hang of our induction burner, for example--and the entire cooking time was less than the time it took to get out the ingredients. Not kidding, it was THAT fast. I did cook the egg separately in the microwave--in paper bowls--and I'm sorry if any part of that sentence offends you, but there it is. I sprayed the grill down with coconut oil, which I will do again, as it improves Ease of Cleaning, and next time I'll spray the paper bowls for the egg as well.

Not pictured: the trip to the Cone and Steiner fridge for eggs, since the eggs in OUR fridge were at their best in April, and the accidental purchases that went along with such a trip; namely, relaxation tea and gluten-free frozen Beecher's Mac & Cheese (I KNOW).

I may try broccoli patties next.