Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mind Reading

E and I have been on the computer, doing some work, as you do, when "you" is "an entrepreneur that never stops working". He has gone into the other room, and calls out to me:

E: "I have a song from THE JUNGLE BOOK in my head."

The lightbulb flashes on for me, and I cackle. I know which one, too.

E: "What? No. You couldn't possibly know."

But I do. I can guess it.

E: "There's only a limited number of songs in The Jungle Book. You could nail it by guessing enough times."

Okay, one guess then.

E: "Okay, I will give you one guess. Shoot."

Bare Necessities.


You've just been over my shoulder at the computer, looking at my email. On the top of my email account is an advertisement email from a bra company called..."Bare Necessities". 

E: "Holy shit, I didn't even see that email. Or at least I don't remember seeing it."

You didn't notice it consciously, but clearly it attached itself to your subconcious. Because then you said "Jungle Book" and I put two and two together.

E: "I love you so much."