Monday, February 27, 2006

Whistler = AWESOME

I have bruises everywhere, including a huge one on my calf that looks like a baseball (no idea where that one came from), matching bruises right above each knee (no idea about those either) and several flowering bruises on my rear. (I KNOW where those came from.)


I drank so much that I went into withdrawal on Sunday night at home and had to pour a quick Jameson.

The Olympics were ending. There was a Jumbotron set up on a stage in the Village Square that showed the Olympics 24-7. We stayed at the Fitzsimmons. Our windows looked directly out at the jumbotron. So did our hot tub.

I wrenched my knee on the first run of the first morning and skiied on it all weekend.

I went off jumps.

I got air on the jumps.

On a mogul run on the second day, I overextended my knee and popped it back into place! YAY!

I skiied so hard that going to the Terrain Park and doing jumps was easier than skiing any more. We cooled down at the terrain park.

The next morning, it hurt just to slice cheese.

It was so cold that it was a major topic of conversation--even for the locals and the lift operators.

The second day, we all came off the slopes and went directly to the Longhorn. We sat outside for hours in all our ski gear and drank while we watched the mountain empty out. The waitress hit on me. This made the 20 male engineers that were there very, very excited.

She never called me. Bitch.

As I walked to the condo, I was serenaded by Simple Plan, who was playing a free concert in front of the jumbotron.

I immediately ran up to the hottub. The hottub contained: a) my peeps, and b) Royal Canadian Mounties. I have no idea how they got there.

Simple Plan yelled up to us to ask if they could join us. We said of course they could, but...they never did. Bitches!

I re-wrenched my knee on the dance floor at Tommy Africa's.

Bob (or my Job, for those who don't read SheWalks) is sending me to FL tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. I return on Thursday evening, just in time for my day off on Friday.

I had to cancel two dates this week because of that.

I hope everyone's weekend was just as amazing!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Living Out Loud: My Faults

Hardware Engineer (aka High School Dropout) took me out on a first date to karaoke. He criticized my song choices, actually crumpled up one of my slips in front of me, and proceeded to tell me that women weren't very good at critical thinking. And I kept dating him.

My most recent ex-boyfriend told me once, when we were first dating, that I had a lot of vices. And then proceeded to list them. One of them was sex.

What kind of idiot tells the girl he's just started sleeping with that sex is one of her vices?

What kind of girl stays with him for another four months?

This girl, that's who.

Sometimes I can't believe the shit I still take from guys. But every day that goes by, every ski jump I take where I get MAD air, every time I refuse to count calories, every time I walk my dog, every time I work out so hard that I have bruises, every time I wake up stiff from running, every morning I wake up alone after a long night of clubbing, slightly hungover and perfectly content...

That is a good day.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Aaaannnnnnnddddd...she's OUT!


Partly due to my bonus arriving today, but MAINLY due to my careful financing the last two weeks. Because even though I was very short on cash, I did several wonderful things that did NOT involve begging my mother for money.

Because when I get really short, and I've spent most of my money on hookers and blow, and therefore have no money for things like: gas, and then I get stuck at a gas station and my card keeps getting declined and I have to call my mother to come pick me up, and then she notices when she arrives that I haven't paid my tabs EITHER...

...well, that just adds insult to injury. And I mean that in the most literal way.

So, on to the wonderful things:

  • PAID BILLS FIRST. But carefully. Not so that my checks bounced, but I paid the most important ones, which avoids late charges and makes me happy.

  • BOUGHT GAS FIRST. Period, the end.

  • Did NOT rack up gigantic bills at clubs by pre-gaming at home first before going out to said clubs. (Note: if you overdo the drinking at home part, I think the DUI would completely obliterate any money you might save on Red Bull and Vodka at the club.)

  • Did NOT eat out. At all.

And I squeaked by, ladies and gentleman. It was close. But I did it. And it was a very good thing.

And now! On to paying all bills, buying plane tickets to Pittsburgh and Ghana, and, most importantly, more hookers and blow!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Single. Again.

Goodbye CAE, nice knowing you. (Question: will he still read The Blog?)

To all IIFs: Yes, it was mutual, and yes, we're still going to be friends. My friend ManWhore put it this way:

ManWhore: how'd that happen?
Aarwenn: eh. creative differences.
ManWhore: right, you were more post modern, and he was neo classical?
Aarwenn: very much so. nice summary.
ManWhore: thank you!


Also, in reading back on earlier posts, I've realized something horrible: I'm no longer funny. How did this happen? How did I go from funny to unfunny? What happened to my commentors? Am I DOOMED?

Not if I can help it. Stay tuned for the funny.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pink Mohawks, Weddings, Choir, and Pot

This weekend included a wedding, a birthday party at Belltown Billiards, yuppie central, and then a going-away show at Bob's Java Jive in Tacoma. The link says it all.

At Belltown Billiards, we drank Red Bull/Vodkas and Jameson, at $8 a drink, and then we went to the Frontier Room. My biggest worry was: not maxing out my credit card, staying sober enough to drive home, and not running over any drunk yuppies on the way.

At Bob's Java Jive, I drank PBR, at $2 a pint. My biggest worry was not pissing off the girl with the twin two-foot pink mohawks because I didn't want to get punched in the face, personally guarding my keys so that no one could sneak off and smoke a bowl in my car, and remembering my tab. I didn't do any of these things, but I got lucky--the girl with the mohawks didn't punch me--mainly because I refused to get angry when she confronted me, but I still feel like I chickened out--and no one violated my car. My tab is still open. (Note to Pink-Mohawked Girl: you're a poser and a half. I'm sorry I didn't meet your gaze while you were yelling in my face and say, coolly, "Are you done? Because your breath stinks and you're spitting on me. Get out of my face.")

Sunday rolled around and after singing in the church choir, I did a bunch of chores and went to Sunday Night Dinner. (This is a fairly common activity in the area. No connection should be made between this SND and the last one.) This was a totally different bunch of people; we ate steak and potatoes instead of salmon and artichokes, we drank PBR instead of wine, we listened to Faith No More and the Dropkick Murphys instead of Beck, and they broke out the pipe in the middle of dinner. I had already seen enough pot in one weekend, but I stayed to finish my meal and be polite. This morning my coat is airing out. At home.

And this week: short! Very short! Leaving for Whistler on THURSDAY! Woo-hoo!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Women, Men, Power, and the Parent Trap

About men and women, and gender roles, and what to do if you're a woman but you like a woman, and who does what, and why am I becoming a man in this relationship? And what if you're a woman dating a man, but the gender roles are reversed? And what if you're a woman who likes a man but the man is perfectly happy working in a coffeehouse and you're, say, a high-flying engineer? About power, and how power is involved with sex. About how men and women express their power differently. About different kinds of power in a relationship--about how my friend Stephanie says, "Make me", versus me saying, "I'm going to make YOU make me"--but really, at the end, it's the same, because how can you make someone want to make you unless you're making them make you? How The Parent Trap Remake vs. The Original Parent Trap expresses this. About how women are LESS empowered now than we ever have been before. What we, as young women, can do about this.

And about work, and B-----, and unions, and the state of unions in America. And what makes a company good to work for? Why are we working for a company that did not make Forbes' Top 100 Companies To Work For? How can B----- employ 60,000 employees in the Puget Sound Region and NOT make the list of WASHINGTON'S Top 100 Companies To Work For? (For you statisticians out there, Washington is a hard state to crack--it's only behind California and Texas for hosting the highest number of Top 100 Companies, so in B-----'s defense, they have a challenge. But STILL.) What the hell are they missing that is so basic, and is there a connection between Dream and Reality if B----- didn't make such a generous list and is STILL the biggest employer in the region by far? Does such a list mean anything? What is the next labor revolution in America? Will Generation Y play a part?

And what about Generation Y? CertainlywWe are more self-aware than any other generation. This is both what makes us great--self-awareness promotes world awareness and clear-eyed, objective thinking, which could make us great social commentators--and what will do us in, as this level of self-awareness is fueled mainly by navel-gazing and the Blogosphere may rot our brains before any of us turn 30. Or 20.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Too Good To Keep To Myself

One of the many guys tasked with the onerous burden of entertaining me at work came up with this today:

"You're pure evil wrapped in a yummy candy shell."

So true.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Someone up there loves me!

Actually, screw that. Several wonderful people down HERE love me!

Explanation: as I've been talking about/dissecting/explaining/complaining about for several posts now, over Christmas I fell into a money pit.

And so when I got this tempting email about a second trip to Whistler, I was sorely tempted, but knew that it would be absoutely impossible. I was already too in debt to even buy gas or groceries and dodging calls from creditors, and part of the reason was that I was still in debt from my LAST trip to Whistler, so really it would be a postively idiotic thing to do, not to mention completely impossible without winning the lottery. (When you can't get any more money from your bank card because you're overdrawn, you can't get any more money. Amazing how that works.)

So, I turned it down. With many tears in my heart.

And THEN I looked at the calendar, and realized: "Aarwenn, you're an idiot. You'll get your bonus and your tax return in the next week!"

So I emailed Whistler Lead Guy back in a panic, and said, "Hey, I can make it after all, let me know if there's a spot!" I heard back: "Sorry, we're full." And I was sad, but I understood.

This morning I got an email from my Boyz with this subject line: "You're in!" Email: "Sorry, we exaggerated about being full with 14 because we wanted to make sure we had a couple spots for people we wanted to come, like you! Happy Valentine's Day!"

Me: "Oh my GOD! That's the best Valentine's Day Present EVER! You guys, I think I love you! And may all y'all's V-Days be happy from here on through the end of time."

Adorable Boy: "Oh trust me, Aarwenn, we love you, too. That's why you're going."

This makes getting up at 4:30 today entirely worth it, even after going to bed at 11 because I went to a show last night. And yes, I also walked my dog and went to the gym. Did I mention I also work 12 hours a day? But none of that matters now, because I'M GOING TO WHISTLER AGAIN! WOO!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quark, quark, quark!

The above is both a reference to CAE, who thinks it's funny when I repeat words that I enjoy saying, like quark, and a reference to the second Quantum Physics post in a row, below. Also very long. And this time with guest speakers! Like Waiter and Quatoes!

I promise I'll be back to boys soon, and the impossibility of getting good/functional/not-super-heavy laptop cases, especially when you're barely 5'6" on a good day and are lugging around a gigantic laptop, and why I make my life more difficult, and how I'm slowly climbing out of my money pit, and especially with fun book recommendations.

But because my love life is a little messed up right now, and because CAE reads this blog (GODDAMN ME FOR EVER GIVING HIM THE GODDAMN ADDRESS), right now quantum physics is much easier to write about than love.

Hhhhhaaaadddd ttttooo mmmuuucccchhhh cccaaffeeeiinnneee

Really. Way too much. Am shaking like a leaf on a tree. Just had a big old sandwich and a milk. Not helping yet. Hoping I will calm down soon.

In the meantime, here is some thoughts on yesterday's post.

First, the wise and all-knowing Waiter had this to say:

"Very interesting. You are, however, looking at it from a classic Einsteinain point of view. If you bring quantum physics into the mix, where particles can exist and not exist at the same time, be in two places simultaneously, or change properties by the very act of your looking at it, things get crazy.

Regarding reincarnation, matter cannot be created or destroyed, it is constantly recycled, (We are all made of stardust ad nauseam) so every part of us came from some previous corporeal or energetic form. That happens in the steady flow of time. It is indisputable. You eat some chicken and that chicken becomes part of you. And, since matter and energy are the same (E=mc2) it follows that energies, souls, might travel from one corporeal from to the other. Maybe. Who knows?

Also, Einstein said we could travel forward in time, just not backwards. But some scientists think it possible with wormholes, black holes, etc."

And my reply:

"Hmmmm. I like the example of eating chicken, but that doesn't necessarily prove the flow of time. If time is recreated moment to moment, then there's no flow. Yes, the world that was condensed from the big bang started with a certain amount of matter that cannot be created or destroyed, but the idea of time as a point takes care of flow--time is really a series of points unconnected to each other, not a river. In one moment, a chicken is a chicken, in the next moment, it's a carcass, in the next moment, it's a part of me. That's not proof of flow, that's simply snapshots in time in which some matter changes form each time. Quantum physics proves this, actually, because quantum particles aren't sensitive to cause and effect. Therefore, the notion of cause and effect is really out-dated. The aforementioned snapshots in time don't have to go in order. Chicken could be a part of me one moment, still in the egg the next moment, and alive the moment after that. No flow needed. That, to me, is sort of a macro view of quantum physics--us looking at a chicken immediately changes the nature of matter. There's no sequence of events needed: just looking a chicken one moment means the next moment, it's in our stomachs, a part of us. The intervening sequence that we see, as three-dimensional beings, doesn't exist on the quantum level--it's an immediate change in the particles that happen to be forming a chicken at the moment simply because we observed them. Not because we immediately look at a live chicken and think, oh, I must eat that, but that some seminal human once looked at some seminal chicken, and because of that meeting all these moments in the life of a chicken--egg, alive, carcass, part of us--randomly float as quantum moments.

But still, there's really no cause and effect. I think of it as: everything that has happened, has ALREADY happened. We as humans need sequence, and so we live time sequentially through moments that effect each other, but that's not really what happened on the astral plane. Every thing that can happen and the coordinating particle state is waiting, floating, sort of dormant, for us to live through. I'm not being very clear, but I hope you can see what I'm getting at.

I don't think the fact that matter and energy are the same disagrees with this notion at all. Clearly, in quantum physics, matter and energy ARE the same. This is what allows quantum particles--points with no dimension, in time or space--to exist existentially, with no sequence or cause and effect. They are everywhere and nowhere at once, everytime and notime."

The always wise Quatoes pointed out in a comment:

"Though reincarnation... yeah our souls could be everywhen at once, but does that not mean your soul couldn't be doing multiple things at once? The lifetime of a soul compared to a physical body would have to be different, and walking 'linearly' in time for a soul, might just include more than one body couldn't it?"

And he's definitely right. Quantum particles aren't subject to cause and effect, nor are they bound by time or space. They can even be in two--or possibly an infinite number--of places at once! So "reincarnation", as we think of it sequentially, could certainly happen, with your soul occupying several bodies at once, in all different times.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bus Thoughts, or in Honor of Bill Nye Getting Married!

Notes on discovering old photos. Note: This turned out to be really, really long. Get some coffee and toast! Third note: The title is a link to the Yahoo article. Sad that I can no longer marry Bill Nye. Sniff.

A twelve-year-old photograph that I took in San Francisco (Monterrey, technically) could have been taken yesterday; it is such a capturing of my current taste and aesthetic, not to mention the current fad for industrial chic and post-modern framing/composition that it seems new. In the early-to-mid nineties, when pretty-pretty bistros and fluffy hair reigned supreme, before post-modernism, when I was 13, what could have possibly driven me to take a picture of the side of a building?

The only explanation is: at that time, twelve years ago, the woman that I would become showed in my mind for a brief second, dropped in just like a time traveler from the future, saw the photograph opportunity, and directed my eyes and hands, having in her own mind TODAY'S aesthetic of chic and seeing the industrial beauty in the composition.

Now, would this theory point or not point to the idea of time happening all at once?

If time happens all at once, when did the woman I am have time, so to speak, to dip into a young girl's head and control her eye, even if (or ESPECIALLY if) that young girl was really that woman, only twelve years before? If time happens vertically, all at once, then it must have been in a dream, because I don't remember an out-of-body experience.

Really long discussion: this idea of vertical time is the current theory as to why time travel is impossible. You can't travel back to a certain place in time because technically time happens all at once, in one moment; the Crusades are being fought at the same time that I am typing this. You are fixed in time because you can only exist in one plane (or really, 4-D integral) at once. In English: Time is a dimension like length, height, or depth. In the same way that you can't exist in more than one place at a time, you can't exist in more than one time at a time. (Ha!)

Now, technically, in the same way that you can move from place to place, you should be able to move from time period to time period, but it doesn't happen that way because Time is EVERYWHERE, all at once. It's the same as the concept of a point: technically, it has no dimensions, so it's both everywhere and nowhere. If you could condense physical dimensions into a point, and you could survive, you'd be everywhere and nowhere. There'd be no place to go because you would already BE everywhere you could be. In the same way, Time is ALWAYS a point--every new moment, which can be broken down into infintestimal moments, which are points--they are both all times and no times. Put another way, time doesn't really exist. You already are in all the time periods you'll ever be in--all time periods at once. You can't travel to another one--there's no time to go to!

Does that make sense?

So, is reincarnation bunk? In my opinion, yes, because it's not as if past versions of you exist--time doesn't work like that. Your soul, your consciousness, is ALREADY everytime. (Like everywhere, only everytime.) Again: if all space was a point, you couldn't travel from place to place because there would be nowhere to go, and since time really is a point, (at least for now--see the next paragraph for more explanation) your soul CAN'T TRAVEL FROM ONE TIME TO ANOTHER, EVEN FORWARDS IN THE FORM OF REINCARNATION, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO OTHER TIMES. (For music lovers: instead of a conductor conducting in 4/4 time, as in 1, 2, 3, 4, think of it as Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now, etc, on into infinity. Time is an infinite series of Nows.)

So: Why are time and space different? Why is space spread out and time not spread out--as in, why is time always a point with no actual dimensions and space is spread out into three dimensions, allowing us to physically move from place to place? For you non-fundamentalists, space WAS like time before the big bang. That's the concept of the big bang--that we came from nothing, and everything. Life is condensed from the point that it was--we used to be everywhere and nowhere at once, and now we are tied, physically, to one spot--at least in the three dimensions that we can see. Remember how I said that if you could condense space into a point, and you could survive? That'd be the big bang backwards--and you'd lose your body, but keep your soul. Souls don't have physical dimensions and can exist in a point.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

For anyone who ever heard of the Bible, yes, there are some very strong parallels here between this concept--life condensing from being omnipresent--and The Fall from The Garden of Eden. Instead of being supernatural beings that could be everywhere--walking with God on the astral plane, you might say, not tied to any sort of dimension whatsoever but instead a random flow of dots streaming through the universe, or more like members of a hive mind, in which the Mind is God--we Fell from the astral plane and are now tied to one spot. God created the world--in three dimensions--so that we might have solid ground to stand upon, because we had become solid, tied physically to the universe. The Bible paints this picture backwards--that God created the world first, with us in it, and THEN we fell. Who knows why? But the myth of a garden of good and evil and humanity purposely choosing knowledge over security goes back thousands and thousands of years in mythology--way before the Bible was written. The old Levites who wrote it had to use parallels that their audience would understand.

Almost done, I promise!

One more thought: so, if time exists everywhere, all at once, how can the woman I am today have stepped "back" in time? Obviously, she couldn't have. But remember, time is a POINT, not dimensional. Our brains are NOT tied to time. (Well, our brains are physical, so they are, but our souls aren't--no dimensions, remember?) Our souls are already everytime at once. This is the difference, The Big Hole, The Big Separation, between our physical bodies and our souls. We as collective beings know that we used to be astral, and now we're physical. It's this separation that drives people to drink, find religion, go crazy and murder children, sadistically torture others, etc. It's a way to block the Huge Gaping Hole between the freedom our souls could have and the physical prison in which our bodies are trapped. Religious people refer to this as the God-shaped vacuum.

The soul part of yourself is really omnipresent and omniscient; it exists at all time AND places. Because it is tied to your physical body--in a way that I still don't understand--it can't leave at will. It wants to, but it can't. But occasionally--once in a great while, when the stars are aligned--it steps forward from your sub-conscious to your conscious, recognizes true beauty, and overrides your physical leaning, and makes you take a photograph that will stand through the ages.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Review!

Pre Game show of Stevie Wonder and Friends: "God, John Legend is so ridiculously hot. Apparently the sound guy thinks so, too, because he's the only vocalist I can hear. Which is a real shame since Stevie Wonder and Joss Stone are just as incredible. Oooh, love the fact that the other vocalists end the show in some prearranged pose and John Legend just steps in front of all of them to take a bow. Nice."

Pre-Game special on Bill Cowher: "Hey, the Monongahela! Hey, the Smithfield St. Bridge!" CAE: "The what?"

National Anthem: "Fucking sound guy. I can barely even hear Aretha. And she's hard to tone down."

Me, mid game, talking to Joey Porter like he can hear me: "The tackle is over! GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIM!" CAE, laughing: "It's so cute when you swear. You're, what, five-foot-nothing? What the hell are you going to do to Joey Porter?"

Halftime Show: "Hey, at least I can hear Mick Jagger--who totally still has IT, wow. The other guys are almost comatose up there, but Mick is workin' it. Go Mick!"

More halftime show: CAE and I get into a long discussion about why we've had two ENGLISH acts, of all things, two years in a row. English OLD guys. And this year the Superbowl is in MOTOWN, of all places! We agree that some other act should have been pregame and that Stevie Wonder should have had the Halftime Show, with maybe Mariah Carey and Aretha. They could have dominated the stage.

So sad I missed Macguyver. I was trying to convince The Boy's computer to let me check my gmail and missed part of the game and that particular commercial.

LOVED FedEx. Hated any mention of Pizza Hut after seeing Jessica Simpson once. CAE gets a lot of points for also hating on Jessica Simpson. Hate the fact that we got pizza anyway, after seeing commercials for it five thousand times. (Full disclosure: We got DOMINO's, not Pizza Hut.) Goddamn commercials.

Oooooh, the Washington State Credit League commercial! I love commercials!

Didn't see the Washington State Credit League commercial? The commercial with two guys rapping, one black guy and one scrawny red-headed white guy with huge bling, obviously dressed to be a poser?
Here's a link.

One of the guys in that commercial, somewhere, is Adrian Ryan, who pens "Celebrity I Saw U" for The Stranger, Seattle's infamous independent newspaper. Most recent column.

Stay with me, it's important! Here's Adrian's coverage of the commercial. (coming soon, but here's the link)

The question is: WTF? Where does the persona that appears in the column appear in the commercial? Can it be the scrawny, cute, red-headed white guy? Can anyone be that schizo? Is it one of the actors shouting: Action! ? Will my world ever be the same?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time Bubble

It is amazing to think that, after all the craziness that happened this weekend, that neither my gmail account nor my blog reflects that. It is amazing to realize that, because the craziness was completely incestuous, that my blog has not somehow updated itself, picking up the collective consciousness of Tacoma, merged the facts from the collective consciousness with my writing style, and written a new entry on its own. It is amazing to think that I can change my mind that many times in one weekend. It is amazing to think that my friends have so much patience with me. It is amazing how much I love my friends, and how much I love men. Truly amazing.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Dewey, can we form a support group? Name of the support group: Trips To Africa Are Fucking Expensive!

British Airway's quote for Ghana: 1,983.68.

STA's quote for Ghana: 2,138.95.


Tales from the Money Pit, Cont.

I'm broke but going skiing anyway, and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.


1. I'm already overdrawn in one bank account.
2. I don't have enough money in the other bank account to cover the overdraft, so it wouldn't do jack.
3. So I might as well use it to do something fun!

Sigh. At least the money pit is getting shallower. I'm digging myself out, slowly but surely.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I feel so pretty, oh so pretty*

Warning: Boring Post.

Newsflash: I PAINTED MY NAILS. Yes, I did. I can't remember the last time I had painted nails--either toe or finger. For those who want to know: the fingernails are clear, the toenails are silver. Gunmetal silver.

Because, you see, I had low-grade food poisoning last night, which prevented me from going to the gym. Note to self: Don't eat B's cafeteria's attempt at Indian food, no matter how hungry you are. Full disclosure: I probably wouldn't have gone to the gym anyway. I had a great day at work, but it involved walking all over the factory--which is the size of NINETY-ONE FOOTBALL FIELDS--and climbing up to planes and back down again and all over the planes, everywhere. I was exhausted. Which was my excuse as to why I spent three hours watching TV, which is in turn what sponsored the nail-painting. Love you, CSI.

Things I want to do that I haven't done in awhile:

1. Climb the wall at REI!
2. Ski! (Happening on Saturday!)
3. Have a dinner party! (Happening on Saturday!)

Things I HAVE done:

1. Sold all my old doll memorabilia!
2. Written a page of my novel!
3. Cleaned my room!
4. Hand-washed all my sweaters! (A waste of time--I could have put them in the washer on Very Gentle.)
5. Gotten my shoes re-heeled!
6. Taken stuff to the dry-cleaners!
7. Started tutoring again!

Things I NEED to do:

1. Finish Organizing Music Collection, Dammit.
2. Wash the dishes.
3. Make stencils for shirts.

*Title is blatantly stolen from a post title of T-Town Girl.