Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Things I Love

Things I Love Today

ING Direct. I recently opened a checking account AND a saving account, which I did because I: a. Was really, really influenced by the commercials. b. Got a good recommendation from my good friend T-Town, whom I swear is still alive--she's just getting married.

(Full disclosure: Although I did actually ask T-Town BEFORE I signed up, I went ahead and signed up for my accounts before she actually got back to me. Who, me impatient?)

So far, the interest rate rocks, and when I had to call ING to get a question answered, I got an answer RIGHT AWAY. I mean, I got the automatic answering, and then I heard, "Please hold, someone will be with you shortly", and then RIGHT AWAY I heard, "Hello, my name is So-and-So. How can I help you save your money?"

Now that's impressive.

Anyway, she turned out to be super cool, and when I asked her how she liked working at ING, she said, "I. Love. It. I love it. They're the best company I've ever worked for."

Now, THAT'S impressive!

Dinner at the Wayward with a Vegan. I know a guy who knows a guy...okay, so I met a guy that I met over the internet at a vegan place. He's a fellow member of a vegan board, and I was dying to get some Wayward and also desperately needing a little bike fine-tuning, and so I rode over and met him and felt very, very buff. T-Town (see, told you she was still alive) called me and I pulled over and answered, and she said, "So, what's up?" and I said, "I'm on my bike on the way back from dinner."

It was awesome.


kt said...

you inspired me to open my own ing savings account. :)

Aarwenn said...

Hi honey, I'm glad I did! Saving is good for you!