Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Discombobulated

...a word that is not used often enough, I think.

LT and I were talking on the phone a few nights ago, and our chat turned to upcoming events, and people coming into town, and more weddings and trips we were taking and camping trips and all sorts of other things, and by the time we were done I felt like I should have gotten out my calendar. But since I hadn't done that, I was going crazy trying to remember everything instead, and my brain is now twitched so far ahead that I just looked at this blog and was SHOCKED to see that I had only written five posts in July. And then I was even more shocked to realize that indeed we are only halfway THROUGH July, and I still have half a month to go!

Which is good, because although the LT and I have gone camping, taken Titan to the beach, and also Titan and I stroll through a wading pool on warm evenings, therefore celebrating summer in a small, citified way, we have not yet played around with the sailboat, an important thing to do as much as possible every summer. In fact, I have bought a new swimsuit for just such an occasion.

La la la. Onto Aarwenn Summer Culture.


Burn Notice and Psych, both lots of fun.

Listening To

Back To Basics

Handsome Boy Modeling School


Blue Scholars

Tombraider Soundtrack


Fruit by the pound. Hooray summer in the PNW.


Strawberry and banana daiquiris. With a little added spinach and flax oil, you can convince yourself it's good for you.

Hooray for summer!


ramblin' girl said...

discombobulated... one of my all-time favorite words! I know how you feel!

kt said...

my dad always used that word - it is totally not used enough! and i am so going to add flax oil to my blended drinks from now on!