Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

First, some sad news: My very favorite magazine of all time, Blueprint, is closing its doors. I'm heartbroken. It lived for a mere nine issues, all of which I will soon own (note to all readers: DO NOT BID ON ISSUE #2 ON EBAY, IT'S MINE) and I treasure each issue already. Sniff, sniff.

Fortunately, an extremely old-fashioned and wonderful magazine that I just love, Victoria, has been reborn. I still have all my old copies of this magazine from when I read it as a middle-schooler, in spite of recently finding a dead spider at the bottom of the magazine stack, and I also cherish each of these issues. It's not 100% my style, but I love its emphasis on quality, not quantity, and I've never seen a single chain store mentioned in its pages once. (I love Target, don't get me wrong. But I love to see a magazine that sources independently of big-boxes.)

And of course, I suppose I can make do with all of my OTHER magazine addictions. I don't have a category on Mint.com for "Magazines", but I sure should. (Don't know what Mint.com is? Check out this post. My review is coming up in a few weeks.)

Anyway! I am mostly through with my Christmas shopping, wonder of wonders, although I haven't started on my cards or on wrapping. And not starting on my cards is big--BIG--because I plan to make them this year.

No, I don't know what came over me. I know I have zero artistic talent. But I saw some cards in Blueprint, (where else?) and I thought, Hmmmmm. I can make that. We'll see if this ever turns out, and what will happen if it doesn't. I plan to make a friend or several at my local Kinkos and Paper Zone.

Wrapping will be easier. I have brown kraft paper--when I get my green angel wings, I'll use repurposed brown bags, ironed--and I plan to wrap things plainly, with red twine and old-school labels, and I think it will look totally awesome. When I come up with the actual twine and labels I'll post those. (I'm also thinking about simple labels with some super neat Pro-Artist Tape.)

Upcoming events: T-Town is coming up Thursday! My Birthday is FRIDAY! I turn 27! This is super exciting to me--I feel like I'm getting better looking as I get older, so this is really fun.

Upcoming possible downers: I might have to work on Thursday AND Friday. Boo.

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ramblin' girl said...

Happy belated Birthday!