Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still Here

Hi everyone. Seattle is having the worst storm in decades, there's snow everywhere, and all the businesses have shut down--and half the roads. My friends and I are celebrating by walking to each other's houses and having get-togethers, which is pretty awesome. My Jeep hit a patch of ice and and ran into a guardrail, which was not so awesome. (I'm fine, and the Jeep is repairable.) As I waited for the tow truck, the de-icing truck came along.

Now that's irony. And snow. So, everyone, stay warm, and enjoy each other this season.


Uscar said...

Holy crap, when did this happen???

C said...

Yeah, we narrowly missed that second wave of snow. (But, it followed us here to New England. :P )We got to the airport Thursday and even then had our flight delayed 3 hours because of the 4 inches or so on the ground. Stay warm! Merry Christmas!!

Aarwenn said...

Hi C, thank you! Happy New Year!

Uscar: Monday night. BLARGH.