Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I'm Supposed to Love, But Don't

Rock Band.

I've tried it several times, and I have finally accepted this truth about myself. Seriously? People play this nonsense? Learn to play a real instrument or don't bother.

Hey, I'm not a snob. I'm all for amateurs--music doesn't have to be perfect! At an inauguration party recently, we busted out into a badly harmonized version of The Star Spangled Banner that had the only music major in the room cringing. (The harmonic IDEAS were there. He insists we were off by a crucial minor second. Whatever.)

Back to the topic: amateurs are awesome. I'm definitely for karaoke, for busting some jams with a friend, for singing on the street. It's important to know your limits, of course. But there's no need to keep quiet just because you don't play with the Seattle Symphony.

But to recourse to Rock Band--ugh.


Uscar said...


deweyintoronto said...

Clearly, your wine/beer/other intake was lacking. When you and your guests are sufficiently inebriated, Rock Band is among the most fun things to do, ever. Beats the shit out of Trivial Pursuit.

And why? BECAUSE it's ridiculous. In every group, there's one guy who will take that little guitar with the brightly coloured buttons and do his very best to impersonate Slash. Someone else will pick up those drumsticks thinking they're the coolest thing since AN-I-MAL, and someone else just won't get it at all. The results are almost always video-worthy.

Anna said...

I couldn't agree more, Aarwenn! Hubby and his friends are obsessed w/ Rock Band and I just don't get it.

KR said...

I TOTALLY agree also and am just glad I happened to stop by on this post...because I started to think I might be the only person in the world who thought that.

Aarwenn said...

We must band together against Rock Band! Be strong! Attempt to carry on actual conversations at parties! Insist on mingling! Stand in front of the screen if you must! (Please don't hold me liable if you get a fake guitar thrown at you.)

HOWEVER. Dewey does have a point. I have seen a few really rabid Rock Band fans, and they ARE funny. For about five minutes.