Friday, May 01, 2009

Obsessions of the Day

I absolutely cannot stop listening to Grown Woman by Mary J. Blige.
Seriously. I need help.

Also on the obsession radar this week:

HIGHLY OFFENSIVE BLOG WARNING: Texts From Last Night. Oh Dear Jesus. So Funny. So Addictive. So Impossible To Stop Reading. My friends and I are now emailing our favorites to each other. It is OUT OF CONTROL.

Old episodes of The Mod Squad on YouTube.

These sneakers. I've been mildly sneaker-obsessed lately, since I desperately need new ones, and these are EXACTLY what I want. I would even pay the outrageous price. Problem: they were already sold out of my size by the time I got to the site. (Damn East-Coasters with their three-hours-ahead bullpuckey.) I got plain black, instead, thinking that I would paint them silver, and...they look so much like combat boots when actually on that I have to return them. Fooey.

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Uscar said...

Texts from last night is frickin' hilarious. But those silver shoes are a sneaker FAIL.