Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There are several blogs I read on a regular basis. What's that you say? SEVERAL. No, I'm not giving you an exact number. Jeez. If you met President Obama, would you ask him EXACTLY how many times he did cocaine? Oh, you would? Forget you then.


Some of the blogs I read are definitely more on the conservative side, because a lot of them are frugality blogs and there seems to be a large overlap between frugality and nuclear family values. I would never read one that was political, but many of the authors might have a lot of kids and be generally really Pro-Family, and I was going along reading my Google Reader today and I came across this post:

AMAZING Freebie: Pregnancy Tests

from Frugal Homemaker Plus

Now, I've never taken one, and that's not just a statement made up to calm my parents. It's true: I've never taken one. Never needed to. (Thank you, comprehensive sex ed.) But a few of my friends, mainly due to high stress lives and high-control personalities, have had moments of anxiety, and bought and taken them at once time or another, and they've all been negative and everyone's moved on with their lives.

THE POINT IS that this is my context for pregnancy tests, and therefore I looked at this post and thought about the general audience for this Christian frugality blog and I was like, "What the heck would a bunch of goody-two-shoes Christian girls, married, need pregnancy tests for?"


elbarnes said...

Well, for them, a positive pregnancy test is a good thing, not a negative. How else will you know, for SURE that you ARE pregnant, short of waiting to feel a kick?

You could know definitely that you AREN'T (unless you are one of those dumb chicks on "I didn't even know I was pregnant"), but not necessarily that you ARE.

Oh, and I read Money Saving Mom, which had the same link to the free tests (note it's also ovulation, but if they are in the "it's in God's hands" camp, don't ovulation tests miss the point ;-)?

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Hey, thanks for the link! :)

I'm actually a liberal feminist childfree adjunct college professor, but it's true that my primary audience leans to the right. Many of my readers are the Christian homeschooling mom set. I earn money with my blog, so I have to write to my audience.

I put up the freebie because pregnancy tests are expensive, and 10 free tests is a pretty darn amazing deal. I would have loved to have a box sitting around in college. I assume that even my non Christians are frugal and/or would enjoy a free test.

Thanks for the mention- I get a kick out of other people's perceptions of me! :)

Aarwenn said...

Hi Catherine,

I've gathered that you aren't quite as conservative as your audience, AND really, I figured out why non-party-girls would need pregnancy tests. Really. But my initial reaction was funny to me all the same. :) I enjoy your blog every time I read it; you're on my Google Reader for sure! Thanks for responding. And so graciously, at that. :)

Also, Erica: I got it, hon. But thanks. :)