Monday, January 25, 2010

Banned. (Also: A Serious Post.)

And it happens, oh yes it happens, because it happened to me:

And if that hasn't scared you enough, there's this:

"You know how people were offering flowers up at the alter of Google in Beijing? That's not allowed anymore - security officers at Tsinghua University (right next to Google's offices) are asking you why you're buying flowers and demanding that it not be for the Big G. That's apparently propelled "Illegal flower donations" (非法獻花) to the first big internet meme of China 2010." via Shanghaist.

I'm not sure I think that Google/MS should actually refuse to play with China. But it's worth remembering that we have A LOT of freedoms that we take for granted, here. For example:


Whew. That felt great.

*Not really.

Brought to my attention by a friend who reads The Breda Fallacy.


l-t said...

There are more examples like this out there, and they're closer (geographically, philosophically) than you might imagine.

Freedom from unwarranted search and seizure, for one.

For another example of "fightin' the man" in China, here is a post on Chinese Internet Maintenance Day. From that ubiquitous paper in the non-Bill of Right UK:

Aarwenn said...

Hi LT,

Good examples. Also: please ignore the fact that I had the non-censored version of that picture up for several days. SEVERAL. After all, this post is ABOUT censorship, right?

Humph. I is losing it.