Thursday, April 01, 2010

Style Note

I bought these boots about three days before I left for Washington, because I am a planner like that. Suddenly I realized that I needed boots. And I needed them NOW. And I spent about twenty minutes looking at Zappos before I found these, and I paid for the overnight shipping, and they arrived Tuesday afternoon while I wasn't there and the driver wouldn't leave them--because UPS/FedEx/DHL packages that require signatures is SUCH a good way to ship things--and I chased them down that evening to the big UPS building in SODO (and not to be a huge chick stereotype about it, but industrial SODO after dark is kind of creepy) and it was cold and I took the big box directly to T's house, and I put them on for her and we both moaned.

Yes, it was like that.

I got on the plane with them. I SLEPT in them. I wore them all day at the National Mall, and came back with dry feet. I plan on giving away all my other boots. They're that good.

(Side note: I got on the plane in a cashmere shirt dress, boots, and coat. How fabulous am I?)

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