Friday, December 24, 2010

Important Distinction

Roommate and I are locals, and have lived in Seattle proper for years, on and off, and currently live eleven blocks from Pike Place Market, which we have pretty much memorized, and yet here we are at Information, trying to find a tobacco store.

The Information Ladies don't know one off the top of their heads, so they are looking at a map to help us. I study the map outside. Roommate has been up since 2 am (not a typo) and is getting a little punchy and I'm worried she's going to cause the Information Ladies serious psychological damage. There are several maps of Pike Place Market, all drawn poorly, none with any relation to each other.

"This map is color coded according to building," I say to Roommate, around the corner talking to the ladies. "Apparently there's one in the Stewart Building."

"That's what they just said," she said, frustrated, "but who knew the buildings had NAMES? I just need them to tell me what it's by." (Pop quiz: can you name ANY of the Pike Place Market buildings?)

We finally agree that the tobacco store is probably by the Original Starbucks. We set off.

We walk in frustrated silence for several minutes, pushing our way through the hordes of tourists and Christmas dawdlers. Both of us agree that making maps that only reference building names is probably not the best way to go.

"Just proof that in the Information Age, simply having a lot of information is NOT the same thing as knowing anything useful," I said, rather dryly.

We found the tobacco store.

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kt said...

aarwenn - remember me? :) i am kind of back into blogging.. i spent the last week reading all of the archives on she walks, and now i will spend the next week reading your archives! how fun that you're in downtown seattle now! my family is still up there - my bro and his wife are in auburn and one of my best friends is in queen anne. jared (my husband - it's been awhile since we talked, i know..) and i are trying to figure out how to move up there sometime. anyhow. this was probably more appropriate as an email, but oh well! looking forward to getting back in touch.