Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Last Nine Days

...have passed quickly.

A lot of dates. A lot of music. A lot of roommate bonding. Some birthday parties. Did I mention some dates? And some music? Also, Roommate and I are trying to keep the place clean and bonding over it? I can't even TELL most of those stories.

Also I go to Kuwait in a week and a half, and I finally got our boot rack organized, thanks to City Hardware. Yeah, we have a lot of boots.

Half of the Blonde Squad is moving to Chicago. Molly is already gone, and C --the girl I went to Thailand with--is leaving in a week. That's right, she's leaving me, and the Lazy B, and her boyfriend, and moving to CHICAGO WITH MOLLY.

This post is random. My LIFE is random. I meet a lot of really great people and I spend time with them. People are fascinating, my job is great, and I'm late for another date.

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