Monday, August 22, 2011

My life, for the past 22 days, in tweet form

Monday, August 1st: "Hello, World! Computer is up and running." (For those who are curious: Dell Inspiron Zino HD.) "No need for the help of Mr. Neighbor. Well, not yet."

Wednesday, August 3rd: "Pit stop before airport! (@ Cafe Besalu)." Thanks to the Foursquare app for Android.

We had called a cab with an hour to spare! It was an easy Wednesday morning! We were feeling fine! WHEN SUDDENLY...

Wednesday, August 3rd: "Okay, it's been half an hour. Where is the cab?"

Travel Companion and I start phone bombing the Yellow Cab offices.

Wednesday, August 3rd, safely on airplane: "Totally the closest I've ever cut a flight, and that is really saying something. Actually not my fault this time."

Wednesday, August 3rd: "For the record, we waited an hour for the yellow cab. I keep saying, "never again", might mean it this time." (I didn't, but you know...)

Wednesday, August 3rd: "Travel companion flagged down gate agent & convinced her to print our boarding passes."

Wednesday, August 3rd: "I talked stone faced TSA agent into letting travel companion & I through 1st class line or else would not have made it. Go team!"

Wednesday, August 3rd: "Not worth it, though, even for good story. Stress was overwhelming."

Wednesday, August 3rd: "98 degrees in Charlotte. Fortunately not final destination. Unfortunately Fla will be hotter."

Wednesday, August 3rd: *Took picture posted below.*

Thursday, August 4th: "Orlando is very hot. And strip malls as far as the eye can see."

Thursday, August 4th: "We're in a part of the world that has more Denny's than Starbucks. Truly strangers in a strange land."

Friday, August 5th: "Keeping in theme of trip, Traveling Companion is sick and we caught the absolutely last bus from the visitor center out to the probe launch."

Friday, August 5th: *From NasaJuno*: "We are GO for launch!"

: "LIFTOFF of the Atlas V 551 rocket carrying the Juno spacecraft on a mission to Jupiter to reveal the giant planet story!"

From Me: "Traveling comp. and I were mainly on our phones for much of the time, duh, but we did view the actual liftoff."

: NASA's Juno Mission: Wow there’s a kick! Rocket staging complete. Centaur upper stage now on 1st of its 2 planned burns
Whew! Tweeting to the blog is exhausting!

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