Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just Another Day

Bad: We have had no business cards for two days.

Good: Because we have a new logo and we want to get it on the cards!

Normally we'd print cards on our own printer in the office. But,

Bad: Our printer broke late last night. Like, at midnight.

Good: Therefore, we placed an emergency order for "real" business cards, which we've only needed for a month or so.

I was planning on going to FedEx or similar this morning for an emergency stash to hold us over. Then today happened.

Bad: E woke up late for his 9:15 meeting. An angry New Yorker is not a pleasant sight to wake up to.

Good: Once he was out the door, his mother (oh, did I mention she was staying with us?) and I had a lovely morning.

Really Good: I have a meeting with Seattle government next week; they want to get more involved, officially, with our pedicabs!

Really, Really, Good: I also have a meeting with a venture capitalist next week.

Related, Really, Really, Good: When a venture capitalist asks for your investor pitch AND YOU HAVE ONE ALREADY PREPARED. That you can just send off like it ain't no thing.

Bad: Still riding high on all the goods, you return from your 11:00 meeting to discover that a pipe has burst. Let me say that again: A PIPE HAS BURST. Above, say, a lot of electric motors, batteries, and other assorted electronic equipment. Did I mention our store is supposed to open five minutes ago?

COMMENCE EMERGENCY PROCEDURE #15, which would be so much more believable if we actually HAD emergency procedures, or worse, we were able to determine what, exactly, qualifies as an actual emergency. Opposed to, say, a normal day in the life of a startup.

I had a point here, but tequila and red wine have, blessedly, thankfully, erased it.

Is there a patron saint of startups?

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