Sunday, August 11, 2013

Relationship Tip #937

If your partner is being a drip, he is (most probably) fully aware of it already, and already feels bad about it. He's trying to improve his mood and be less of a drip. He doesn't need you reminding him that he is being a drip. He knows. He ALSO knows that you are well within your rights to point it out, and he won't be mad about the fact that you DID, in fact, point it out, but neither does he need you to do so. He knows he's not being 100% awesome right now, and he's trying to fix it, okay? You won't make any friends by going on about it.

Remember: the point of a relationship is to NOT make your partner feel like a jerk. If you find yourself deriving some pleasure from making your partner feel like a jerk, something is wrong.

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