Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogging the Relationship Special Edition: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the LT!!

It's today! The LT was born today! WOO! Obviously, I am pretty happy that this man chose to enter the world. Safe to say that I am a fan.

After all, this is a man who is letting me attend a book signing tonight, a book signing celebrating a woman who is a She-Hero of the Bloggernets, a woman who has written honestly and openly about her divorce and her finances and her job and her hobbies (knitting) and her cats' hobbies (pooping) and the amazing part is how little I have in common with this woman and yet how much I--and every other woman in the world with a sense of humor--identify with her. But enough about me, the point is that the LT does not mind that I am spending his birthday celebrating a woman who is divorced and living alone with three cats, spending her days knitting. (I don't understand why all the men in town, including the LT, aren't falling all over each other to attend this book reading, but apparently it's not very manly. Or something.)

Also, this man is the kind of man that has all the right responses to important questions like, "Will you still love me if I confess now that we were supposed to take a left three blocks ago?" He did, he said, through gritted teeth. (My ability to give directions to a driver, even if I know the area well, is a byword in Seattle.)

"Is it okay that I don't wear makeup much?" (Read: hardly ever.) His answer: "Yes, definitely. I couldn't stand it if you had to put on makeup before we left the house to go to brunch or drop by the video store."

"Do you notice that I have gained ten pounds?" Yes, I actually asked this question, trying to stop myself even as I said it. The LT may be the only man in the world who had the right answer to this question, said so straightforwardly that I actually believed him: "No, I really can't."


He loves Titan, so much that Titan would much rather live with the LT, I think, than with mean ol' mama who keeps taking him to the vet and making him take pills. (Update on Titan: he has a bacterial skin infection, which didn't respond to the antibiotic shampoo, so now we are trying oral antibiotics.)

In other news: I'm still sick, but on the mend; I'm keeping a really long and boring log of Food I Ate This Week that will be published on the other blog, in case other people want to know how I eat and when I eat it. It doesn't seem exciting, but I confess that I LOVE to see what other people eat on a daily basis, so I thought I would publish mine. I love food logs, especially detailed ones, I love sample menus, I love it when chefs talk about what THEY eat, (hence my irrational love for Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, and therefore I am forcing myself to write down what I eat in an attempt to make it look more like a sample menu, i.e., something that an adult should be eating as opposed to what a child eats with an indulgent grandparent. (Left alone, my diet consists of pieces of bread with some kind of spread and/or cheese. And steamed spinach with sauce. That could be my whole life, easily.)

And in spite of the LT's proclamation that he can't see my extra pounds (God Bless the man), last night's dinner of a Chipotle burrito, a piece of toast slathered in fake cheese, a few spoonfuls of carrot cake Rice Cream, and a tumbler of scotch on the rocks is definitely not a bikini dinner*. Something HAS TO BE DONE. And seeing Crazy Aunt Purl is proven to be low in fat and high in fiber!

Bikini dinner: a dinner that keeps one in shape for bikini season. Substitute lunch or breakfast when necessary.


alex said...

You are posting a log of all the stuff you ate....all the stuff you ate to gain 10 lbs.? :)

C said...

Happy birthday, LT!