Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Been a Week AGAIN??

Don't think I haven't been blogging! I have been, and I've been flamed and insulted and gotten in arguments with people, and you can read all about it on the other blog, specifically this post and this post, and also this LOOOOONG post if you really care that much.

A week ago today, I ran home after work and packed to attend my cousin's wedding in Sacramento, i.e., to meet her bridesmaids, which I'd never met, and stay at the house of family, which I loved, and find something to do for myself on Saturday night with said bridesmaids I'd never met. As I am rather extroverted as a person--no, really! I am!--this turned out well. About the time I was revving a new manual Toyota Celica in 70 degree sunshine on Saturday afternoon, I thought, "Can't I do this every day?" The Toyota Celica belonged to my new best friend Julia, my cousin Amanda's maid of honor and an even faster driver than myself. Most of her own friends--including my cousin--refused to ride with her. I didn't blink an eye, of course, having pushed the limits of cars myself, and we tooled around California and bought iced coffee and sang Christmas Carols--she's a piano player--and when she asked me if I wanted to go out salsa dancing that night, I said, "DO I??"

Which is how I ended up in someone's VIP party at 3:00 in the morning, drinking champagne out of the bottle on the table and suddenly looking at my phone and finding Julia and screaming in her ear, "I have to be at the airport in an hour and a half!" Needless to say, no, I did not get any sleep. For the third day in a row. Fortunately, when the LT picked me up at the airport, he was just as sleep-deprived (read: hungover) as I was. We rode in relative silence. (And he brought me COFFEE. Such a sweetie.)

Fun quotes from the weekend: when I arrived in Sac-town, having gone to bed at 1:50 am and woken up at 4:00 am, Amanda's bridesmaids expressed the opinion that I was crazy or possibly on uppers. As I was chugging my second Triple Soy Cinnamon Dolce Latte of the day, after three cups of black coffee and a shot in the dark, Amanda said, "Well, she's always like this, so I guess...both." Three days later, after four hours of sleep on Friday and zero hours of sleep on Saturday, even this energizer bunny was feeling pretty tired.

As for the driving: I still forget that riding with me is avoided by other people until I'm forcibly reminded; i.e., when driving with Nina The Former Intern. We were tooling around Georgetown, trying to find our way among the twisty back roads and dead-ends, and I kept apologizing for my last minute, shouted instructions, and she said, "No! It's okay! I have accepted the fact that whenever I drive with you in the passenger seat, my life will be in danger at some point. It's okay."

Well. If you've ACCEPTED that fact already...

...and then I was passing this story along to some work friends, including the amazing Tri-Tip who helped me move to Seattle a year and a half ago, and I added the fact that my own boyfriend closed his eyes when he rode with me.

Tri-Tip: "Wait. You're saying that your boyfriend voluntarily gets on nuclear submarines and pilots around for six months in the dark, in secret places far under the ocean, and he won't open his eyes when he rides with you?"

Me: "Yes."

Tri-Tip: "Get help."


Uscar said...

I am much funnier on your blog than in real life. I like that.

Julia Bernstein said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I looked at this post; i found it from your email to Amanda. Ha, I am sooooo honored to be written about on your blog spot! Yes, we had a great time, driving in the celica cruisin CA!!! Is Amanda really too afraid to drive with me?! I love driving my car, it is fun!!!

Aarwenn said...

Hi sweetie,

No, your friends aren't really afraid to ride you with you--after all, they DO it, don't they? :) But I admit that Amanda said, "Watch out--Julia drives fast." I said, "No problem!" And it wasn't! Miss hanging with you already!

C said...

" own boyfriend closed his eyes when he rode with me."

If it's anything like high school... Don't blame him. ;)

Quatoes said...

You know, I'm kinda glad that none of us had cars during college Aarwenn...

Aarwenn said...

C: I thought I bribed you never to discuss the High School Period?

Quatoes: In spite of that, I managed to damage two cars. TWO.