Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Okay, so this post is a little late, as most polling places close by seven and it's already seven on the East Coast. But I'm voting--I'm even driving down to Tacoma to vote, breaking my vow to only use one tank of gas per week (admittedly a new vow). At first, at the start of today, I had assumed I wouldn't vote this year. I live in Seattle, I can't vote for any of the Seattle measures because I'm still registered in Tacoma, and I don't know any of the Tacoma measures because I live in Seattle, AND I made the aforementioned vow that I wouldn't spend more than one tank of gas in a week, and I'm dangerously close. And I hate voting when I don't know anything.

However. It's always handy to have a politically-aware friend who works for the county. After some begging, T-Town spent several minutes instructing me on the major measures so that I feel confident, and then lambasted me for my decision to not vote, and so I came around, and I am sure happy I decided to do so. I will get a sticker that says "I Voted", and many of the things I do, I am motivated to do by the possibility of a sticker.

Also, in the course of my internet surfing exhaustive research today, I found this handy site: Look Up My Vote! You can see exactly where you're registered, IF you're registered, and what years you voted in, sort of pointless but also sort of neat.

So, yeah. If I can learn about state measures in less than five minutes, anyone can.


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