Saturday, August 30, 2008

Odds and Ends

On Eating Your Words Off Paper Plates

A week ago, I had my friend Brandy over for dinner, not for any special reason, just so that the two of us could hang out and catch up without spending money at a fancy restaurant. I was making spinach and arugula polenta with a sun-dried tomato puree, and I was trying to use my old and stubborn blender, and I couldn't find the lid.

"Just put a paper plate over it," Brandy suggested.

My eyebrows almost flew off my head in horror. "Excuse me," I said, snottily. "There's no paper plates in THIS house. Do you even KNOW how WASTEFUL they are?"

Brandy, appropriately chastened: "Oh. I just suggested it because there are some paper plates right there on that shelf." She pointed.

I spun around, and sure enough, there were paper plates. Whoops. "My mother must have brought those when I moved in a year and a half ago," I mumbled.

Brandy, because she is a sweetheart and a half, didn't give me the hard time I so deserved, which made my crow-pie all that much harder to choke down.

Lessons at Goodwill

In the same way that everyone should spend some time at Farmers' Markets, everyone should, at some point, spend some time at a Goodwill. Not only for the bargains, but for the visual reminder that everything you are buying new now will be junk in a year, and barely worth the shelf space it takes up. I got three books for 2.26, and this amount makes me ashamed to admit how many books I have purchased full-price in airport bookstores to entertain myself for a mere three hours, only to never read said book again. Ugh.


Aurrora said...

Hello! I absolutly love your blog! Mind if I add you to my favorite's list?

Aarwenn said...

Well, of course I don't! Thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not right to do this, but every time I pick up a book at an airport bookstore, I make it a point to buy only from the Borders Express places. Then I just return the book when I reach where-ever I'm going to, at the nearest borders.

Aarwenn said...

Hi quatoes, whether it's "right" or not is moot: Borders has now instituted a program SPECIFICALLY designed for travelers like you. I saw it when I was at the airport--you can return the book for half your money back, or something.