Friday, February 06, 2009

Dating Episode #147

I have gone tailgating, spent four hours at a dance club with Jennie, and then played pong with Molly at my ex's house until a rather advanced hour of the morning and I am really not up for anything, but I promised a boy I would meet him for breakfast, and so there we are, standing in the sunshine outside Beth's, when over his shoulder I see a familiar backside.

In fact, I was playing pong against this backside just 7 hours ago.

The LT has his arm around a girl, a very tall girl, and they have also decided to come to Beth's today for breakfast. Immediately I turn my breakfast date around so that he--6'2" and 250 pounds, at least--blocks out all of my immediate vision. I tell him the story and he laughs, the rat.

The LT and his date decided not to wait, apparently, and set off down the street, stopping briefly to peer in the window of the Suzuki Dealership, which is closed.

A few hours later the breakfast date and I meander the same direction so I can peer in the same windows, only, as I am A Girl, the Suzuki guys rush to the door and unlock it for me. I throw my leg over some bikes and walk out with my date and a huge crush on a red, fully faired SV650.

A crush that still exists. Which is more than you can say for the either the LT's breakfast date or my own.

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l-t said...

BTW, I won the pong game.