Thursday, February 05, 2009


There is a new dating story, I swear, but until then is this awesome update:

Dan Savage came into my restaurant last night!

It was a super busy night; I was covering one half of the restaurant PLUS a twenty-person party, and I was so busy I didn't have time to blink, so I almost didn't notice when the successful author, newspaper editor, and VH1 personality walked in with his boyfriend and their son.

It's a good thing I WAS so busy or else I would have stared at Mr. Savage all night. I'm not used to dealing with celebrities. I mentioned his presence to a few tables, and they all agreed that they had noticed him, but none of them seemed that overwhelmed. Those super-chill sophisticates probably see him all the time. Whatevs. I worked hard to keep my mind on my work and I did shockingly well--and I made a great deal of money as a consequence, hooray!--but I could still do a lot better. I noticed, for example, that both Mr. Savage and his boyfriend are very good looking and appeared to be--thus far--successfully navigating the pre-teen years with their son, although of course they're far from the finish line. I also noticed that Dan Savage noticed me noticing him, so I failed at treating them like any other family. I'm sure they're used to a few gawks, but I can rise above it. I think.

And it occurs to me that if I keep working at good Seattle restaurants this may happen again, so I may need more practice. Dear Tatum Channing: When Battle for Seattle opens here, please feel free to come into Vios. Shirtless. Thank you. (Hey, I just need the celebrity practice! My motives are pure as the driven snow! I swear.)

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