Friday, April 03, 2009

Love is in the air. Or not.

1. Confessions time: I had fully three hours of free time yesterday and I did NOT use it to post pictures from Paris. (Say that three times fast.) You know what? Forget you.

2. They’re coming, OKAY?

3. My uterus is a little overactive today. And by “a little overactive”, I mean, “I’m thinking of sending it to Cambodia.” I hear torture is well-practiced there.

4. I am thinking of building a shrine to ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is my new god. Ibuprofen has made it possible for me to stand upright today. I even feel hunger.

5. I might write a post in the future about birth control and why I went off the pill. (Sorry, Dad.) It's an interesting choice for any woman, and it seriously affects your life. Some days, I think the pill should be outlawed like steroids. Other days, I merely tolerate its existence.

6. I am on a dating break. For a month. So far I’m on day 9. There has been only slight back-sliding.

7. I am really trying to embrace the power of long-term gratification.

8. Did I mention I was on day 9? And tomorrow I will be on day 10? Only 20 days from the end?

9. Long-term gratification, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Like for me is so miserable without birth control. Period is WAY TOO heavy (even painful), and lasts a full week sometimes a little longer. With birth control, it is light and only lasts about 3 days. Though I've never used pills. I've used the patch and the Nuva-ring, since I would NOT be able to take a pill everyday, and around the same time or what not.

GoTime said...

I will help you. To build this shrine. To Ibuprofen. Our one and only...

Aarwenn said...

Hello, skydiamonde: I feel your pain, honey. I do. But being OFF the pill works better for me.

@GoTime: Great Blog, by the way! And yes: ibuprofen needs an altar.