Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Two Wheels

Aarwenn: I'm standing next to the elevator and a guy in a wheelchair comes up.

Aarwenn: And I'm having an internal complaint-fest about why The Office doesn't put in more obvious stairs.

Tri-Tip: In your own head.

Aarwenn: Yes. So I’m completely distracted when he says, "So, who do you think gets more stares at The Office? A guy in a wheelchair or a cute girl?"

Tri-Tip: Woah.

Aarwenn: The funny part is that was I HEARD was, "So, who do you think gets more STAIRS at The Office?”, because I was thinking about stairs. So it took me a hot minute to process what he actually said, because how could a guy in a wheelchair go up stairs?

Tri-Tip: And you start looking at him funny, because you’re trying to process, "But dude, you don't use stairs!"

Aarwenn: Yes! Fortunately I snapped out of it.

Tri-Tip: Because then you realized he was being quasi-creepy.

Aarwenn: EXACTLY. But this distraction prevented me from reacting very strongly to the creepy. Which is probably better for all involved.

Tri-Tip: Probably.

Aarwenn: Still, I was impressed. It takes balls to call attention to your physical handicap and use that as a reason to be inappropriate.

Tri-Tip: True. Handicapped people get a creepy pass, I say.

Aarwenn: Maybe. If I see him again and he asks if I want a ride somewhere, I'm yanking the pass back.

Published in spite of my mother.

Um, not TO spite my mother. Just IN spite of my mother's advice.

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