Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Design

Or perhaps more like an absence of any appearance of common sense whatsoever. I was at my local salon* when this blight upon the eyes and brain just sprang out of nowhere to assault human decency:


Hook and shelf. So far, everything appears normal.

I hang my coat on the hook, and...wait a second, where did the shelf go?

Oh, THERE it is.

Are you not supposed to use the hook and the shelf at the same time? Who in their right mind would stack a hook and a shelf that close together? Is the hook only for purses? And no, there is NOT a hook on the other side of the changing booth. I checked.

Fight against poor design, everyone. It makes me stabby.

*Get it together, Gary Manuel.


Anonymous said...

Its just possible this designer was unable to put himself (it must be a man, of course) in the place of someone who is both unobservant and non linear in their thinking.

The shelf is to be used to place one's purse, or shoes, cell phone, switchblade...Prior to hanging one's coat on the hook.

You may think that having the shelf in a different spot would be better, but these cubicles are notoriously small and people are getting larger all the time, so....

Aarwenn said...

Hey, did you get lost? I don't feed trolls at this blog. Try the next blog over.