Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Update to Tucker Max Can Bite Me

Calm down, everyone. (I got a few concerned emails yesterday.) I write mainly about the bad dates because they're the only ones that generate real material for the blog. They're a small percentage, but they're overrepresented because otherwise, my dating posts would look like this:

"Had a great date with someone I really dig. Woo-hoo!"

See? You yawned already, didn't you? I thought so. I AM making a concerted effort to record the good moments as well as the bad, due to this woman's research on the negativity bias. I wouldn't want to look back on this blog and remember my dating life as a series of mishaps and dates with jagoffs. This is unlikely, as I actually like dating (ducks) and even a date with a Tucker Max knockoff can provide hours of entertainment for me and everyone around me--but you never know.

Moving on.

For future reference, please keep in mind that:

1. Stories are out of order, chronologically.

2. Stories are small glimpses of what actually happened.

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