Friday, February 25, 2011

More Thoughts In No Particular Order

Holy crap it's been A MONTH since I blogged.

My car insurance is now $75 a month. Sure is nice to have all those tickets gone from my record. (Also note: I obviously haven't gotten any MORE. Whew.)

I am dating SO FREAKING MUCH. I barely have time to do anything else. I love it, and I'm learning a lot about myself.

And other people, of course.

Things I have learned about love:

You can really like someone as a person, and you can really like them as a lover, but sometimes that's not enough. If you can't--or won't--be vulnerable with each other, that is not a relationship.

Things I have learned about myself:

I need my dates to be articulate motormouths.

And I need them to have something going on in their lives. They need to be ABOUT something.

(Cafe Presse is playing Roy Orbison and it makes me smile on the inside.)

Questions for the universe:

Is there a service that will send cards for you? I need that.

How many cracking noises in a windshield is too many?

Is there an extended-life battery made for the HTC Incredible?

How can I move AGAIN? Roomamte and I JUST moved, feels like. We are still moving IN. We just got things rearranged. And now we have to move again. But for a good cause.

I'll hang on to that happy thought.


alex said... might be what you're looking for...not sure. Cracking sounds? Sure it's coming from the windshield? Ditch HTC, get an iPhone and join the party. You can move like this...[does a little shuffle that does not show very well through a blog comment].

Thus spake the universe.

Aarwenn said...

Dude, the HTC Incredible is...incredible. I will never leave it for an iPhone! Never! YOU HEAR ME? :)

Also, cardsremembered has the basic idea, but they're all annoying Hallmark cards. I need someone to send my hipster Etsy cards.