Friday, February 25, 2011

Thoughts In No Particular Order

My second cousin is in a music video being played on MTV!

My friend Athena is funny. Her Facebook status: "Life as we know it canceled due to snow."

A Korean that I support for work will just call me over and over again until he reaches me on the phone. This is frustrating. Paradoxically, it makes me less inclined to call him back, which I know is childish and beneath me.


I have three weddings to attend this year. That is more than than I have attended in the last three years combined. I'm

When I got in my car this morning to drive to work, the windshield was making horrible crackling sounds. Being that it was out in the 21 degree weather last night, and it's very old, I re-parked it immediately and am working from home. I'm a little scared.

Possibly way too late, I now possess a garage parking spot for my apartment. Well, maybe it will come in useful for my motorcycle.

Which I haven't ridden in MONTHS.

This is partially because I didn't fit in my leathers for awhile. I'm working on fixing that.

Also, it's now too bloody cold.

Also, I kind of want to sell it, but of course it's the wrong season.

And, due to my complete spazziness with the title, it's hard to sell.


New topic: I am officially, but OFFICIALLY, out of debt.

Which I want to change, obviously, by buying a new motorcycle. Perhaps I will attempt to save up for that, first.

Especially since Roommate and I just got the BEST NEWS EVER: WE GOT MOVED UP TO A TWO BEDROOM!

But we'll pay slightly more rent. And we'll need to buy a COUCH. And MORE FURNITURE, YAY! So. Perhaps I should really get to selling that motorcycle.

But then what will I put in my parking spot?

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Anonymous said...

Yay out of debt and two-bedroom apt!