Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Austerity Measures

Are, in fact, No Damned Fun At All.

E and I stick to them occasionally, like any couple does, I think--reminding Oneself, or possibly, if in a crabby mood, Ones Partner, when One of us has just looked at the bank statements--that we are, in fact, broke.

And Ones who are broke have no call or reason to be out buying dinner in restaurants when we could be eating at home, on beans and rice and cheap wine studded with fruit-fly carcasses, which we should be damn grateful about getting for free because they have protein in them.

The OTHER thing about eating at home, as everyone knows, is that it's a lot better for you. E and I have both been slowly gaining weight over time, and although we both started this gain so underweight that our various friends and parental units were genuinely concerned about us, it turns out extra fat WILL make its presence known even if it grows on you so slowly that you have to take stats every four months or so, (because every the change every two months will be still unnoticeable) and eventually you have to do something to reverse the trend. The FASCINATING thing about the timing here is that E and I are suddenly seeing ourselves On Camera a lot, not because we've suddenly become movie stars (I wish) but because we are Doing Social media, i.e. Generating Content for our social media pages, and a lot of that ends up with One being, as it were, On Camera.

I saw myself on camera four weeks ago, wearing stretchy clothes (I had just come from the gym) and thought to myself, "Who's that fat girl? ...OH SHIT."

And E, bless him, had the same reaction to his OWN image, captured on camera just a few days ago. He watched some recently taken footage with me, and somewhere in the middle of watching himself load a bike onto a display he said, "I need to start losing weight."

I think an important distinction might be addressed at this time: that, as athletes, both he and I are acutely aware of our body shapes and conditions. It's not that I think I'm FAT, necessarily, ignoring my comment above. It's that I know I'm carrying weight that isn't making itself useful. My body is not performing up to Standards. And it Should.

So: more roast chicken and salad. Less happy hour fried food at Stadium Lodge. Yay.

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