Sunday, June 16, 2013

Well, Hello!

Hello there! Yes, it HAS been a long time, hasn't it? How have you been? Yes, I've been doing well too. You look smashing. Oh, yes, I know I do, too. Oh, you. Oh, you're making me blush. No, really, stop, so I can please get a word in edgewise?

WELL. Now that we've gotten that out of the way. It HAS, in fact, been some time. Only three months since I last posted, but really, more like a year since I posted with any sort of regularity at all, and before that I'm scared to look at my record, and I pray that you are, too.

Let's just get the stats out of the way in a fairly boring manner so we can swallow them all at once like a mouthful of broccoli we never intended to eat:

1. I live with my boyfriend!
2. In a warehouse!
2a. Not the lofty sort, either, but a real warehouse with NO light and, worse, NO EXPOSED BRICK. I know. I had the vapors.
3. I left the Lazy B!
4. So I could work for my boyfriend's business!

And with that, I really WILL have the vapors now. WHEEZE. WHEEZE.

Still with me? Not passed out in front of the mirror? (Is that just me?) Whew. I'm glad we all survived, and to that end, I'm going to have another glass of wine.


That's better. Writing always makes me so THIRSTY.

And it's to this end (not the wine drinking, because I can do that with no excuse at all, but the writing habit) that I'm starting (I hope, no promises whatsoever) to blog again, at least with some kind of regularity. To be honest (which I hate doing, much like sucking in my stomach to look skinnier, but I do that with EVERY KIND OF REGULARITY and so why not attempt honesty while I'm at it?)...where was I?

Oh, yes: I am attempting to write regularly again.

Writing has always been my therapy. And for some years there, more than I like to admit now because I feel completely stupid for not realizing this earlier, say, TWO! YEARS! AGO! that a lifetime of typing at the computer has taken its toll on my nervous system, I created less and less and I listlessly scrolled through the internet more and more.

Call it nerves (which I have--and so do you, for that matter) or call it Drift or call it whatever you want, but I had starting creating less and less and drifting through life more and more. There was a which I decorated my apartment enough to be featured in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest and had a piece published in the Seattle PI's blog. (Which I will have now linked.) But. That was a long time ago. But! I can reacquaint myself with the medium!

Because writing is important to me, and I miss it. And sometimes it hurts me, now, but really...I'm living with my boyfriend in a WAREHOUSE and trying to RUN A STARTUP! If there was EVER a time to blog, it is now. I will not piss away these years of my life. I will focus.

And writing = focus.

Want to know how to survive without a shower? In the middle of a frat house? In the middle of an EVIL frat house? Want to know what it's like to live with your boyfriend for the first time? To think, for the first time, that you'd ever have a long term relationship again?

Stay tuned, my lovelies. And get yourself a refreshing beverage while you're at it.


Anonymous said...

Where is this warehouse? BF and I are coming in on Wednesday til Monday, and staying in Cap Hill. Any chance of going dancing or something on Fri or Sat night? I know you'll have a guest starting Saturday but I'm sure we can drag him out too. =)

Anonymous said...

(and welcome to startup life! congrats! =))

Aarwenn said...

Hi hon, thank you, and welcome to town! I will, in fact, have a guest, but I bet we can drag him out if he's not exhausted. I'm not dancing much these days, but let's at least meet up.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I'll ping you some other way other than the comments section of your blog probably on Friday or so. =)