Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Remember Very Few Things About This Week

I worked a lot.

However I DID actually find time (a long lunch hour on Thursday, the only free time I've had ever) to work on the long and long-suffering cleaning project (did I mention I was de-cluttering my house?) and I found some things of note:

  • My power bill, unpaid.

  • Bus schedules that became inaccurate a year ago.

  • Several wedding invitations, most of which I went to, but without actually sending the RSVP card because I lost it

  • Several cable bills, all of which I paid online

  • Pilates/Yoga studio fliers from a year and a half ago

  • Receipts, saved from a time when I meant to track everything I bought

  • Cards I bought for people and never sent

  • A lease agreement from two and a half years ago.

  • And hordes of other things.

  • Also today, for the first time, I am pleased to announce that I have a house phone line for the first time in two years, maybe longer. It came as a package with the rest of the cable stuff and I got it, and then I had to track down a phone, and THEN I had to track down a BATTERY, and THEN I had to remember to set the handset on the actual charger. And once I had done that, after I got to wonder why it was dead a few hours later, I realized I also had to plug the phone base in to an actual plug on the wall. Who knew? I now have four extension cords running off of one socket in a series. And that reminds me: I should probably get renters' insurance.

    The point of this post: I only had my house line for six months before I started using it! Once I found it under the piles of paper, of course.

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