Thursday, September 06, 2007

Too Tiredf to Spell

I wrote a post on the other blog and tried to use the word "excellent". After spelling it wrong four times I had to have google correct it for me. And the typo in the title is accidental, but I thought I'd leave it because it was so apropos.

Hello from San Jose! I was in Miami two days ago and the Bahamas two days before that. My brain is actually emitting a buzzing noise when it tries to think, like a very old computer that sounds like its chewing gravel when it has to run more than two applications at once. (Speaking of very old computers, the LT is building me a new one as I speak! YAY! Thank you, LT!)

I was home for about four hours on Tuesday, between spending all night in a Miami airport and taking off again for my business trip to San Jose. Fortunately here on the West Coast there are Starbucks galore, oh so handy if you're trying to stay awake in a business meeting. Also let me just say that I absolutely love Miami and plan to convince the LT to move there. Nobody tell him, 'kay?


Titan wearing his vest, five weekends ago.

LT and I on the beach in Seaside, Oregon, four weekends ago.

Leslie and I ready to go out, three weekends ago.

Titan wants to go out, too!

Pictures from backstage at the Wilco Concert, three weeks ago

Miami, looking gorgeous, last weekend.

And yes, I will post more pictures from Miami! Coming soon!

After I sleep for twelve hours.


Deborah said...

what? want to move to miami? from seattle? sooooo busted!

hee hee hee


Aarwenn said...

MAN! Your spies are everywhere! No blog is safe!

Kidding, kidding--please drop in anytime, it was great to meet you! The problem is, Miami is VERY vegan-unfriendly. So I'll be in Seattle for quite a while longer. No fear. :)