Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New! Shiny! And it Moves!

Check it out, right to the right of this main space. The LT will soon be an LT in the RESERVES. Yes, the Reserves. Not Active Duty. He will soon be a member of the Reserves.

How soon, you ask?

Great question! Check out my handy-dandy Countdown! -->


C said...

Congrats, LT. Looking forward to it?

l-t said...

my excitement is not quantifiable.

Let it be known that before those 140 days are up, I've got 10 days of househunting, 10 days of job hunting, 23 days of regular leave, PLUS our 2-2.5 week standdown.

C said...

It's amazing what saving up leave, and then adding that terminal stuff, will do, eh? :) Huge bonus that it's over the holidays!