Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged, and Why Not?

After YESTERDAY's monster of a post, surely I can come up with seven things about me, right? After all, I love reading OTHER people's me!me!s. I just don't like completing them, and I have no idea why, because I love talking about myself. Maybe I have a hard time deciding which [arbitrary number of facts] I should list?

Oh well. Here goes.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

And the facts about me:

1. I wash my hair once or twice a week, on average. It's a big deal if I wash it three times in a week. While vegan, I did all kinds of crazy stuff: I washed it in baking soda and with apple cider vinegar as conditioner, I discovered that baby powder, arrowroot flour, or cornstarch can be dry shampoos, and I let go of my "Oh My God my hair is so oily I must wash it" routine. Now, although my hair grows very quickly, my color barely fades at all. I have to let it grow out to get new highlights.

2. I produce GIGANTIC amounts of heat when I sleep. Anyone sleeping next to me at a slumber party, on an airplane, in a classroom (joke!) will instantly begin to sweat. It's especially a problem on airplanes, when a seat mate once remarked that he could actually feel the heat waves radiating from my skin.

3. I'm a terrible driver. I'm often distracted, even if I'm not on the phone or fussing with my GPS system--I'm thinking about my novel, or the State of the Union, or dinner, or whatever. Compounding this, I'm terrible with directions and often realize I'm in the wrong lane for something, and so execute completely illegal U-Turns, Swerves, etc. Naturally, I expect the world to accommodate me.

4. I LOVE public transportation. I love it in theory and practice. I have an obsession with route maps and timetables for every kind of public transportation there is, including trains, buses, and ferries. I like to pick up four copies of each kind of schedule in case I lose one. Even taking the ferry to see the LT for a year and a half didn't deter me from this obsession. T-Town is probably moving to Portland, and I'm super excited that she is because it will give me the chance to TAKE THE TRAIN DOWN THERE!

5. I'm long-winded.

6. I am impossible to reach on the phone. I usually have my phone on vibrate for work, and I forget to take it off. Entire Friday and Saturday nights have gone by where I've felt lonely and unloved because no one was calling me, only to discover at 1:00 am that my phone's been off the whole time and six people have left messages wondering if I wanted to hang out. This has happened WAY more than once.

7. I refuse to get anything hemmed, telling myself that I'll just wear heels all the time. Because of this, I have ruined the cuffs of three pairs of pants.

HA! DONE, SUCKAHS! And you thought I couldn't do it!

For tagging, I'm going to GO WACKY: I want my READERS to respond to this tag. Just reply in the comments, and don't worry about length--I've seen veritable essays written in comments before. I'm going to pick seven people, because I have no idea who reads this blog although people TELL me they read it all the time, and if your name is there, please join the fun! I'd love to know seven things about you! And if your name is NOT there, totally respond anyway. I would love to know seven things about just about everyone on Planet Earth.

1. T-Town, who may update her blog again if she has a purpose.
2. LT. I would love to know seven things about my boyfriend!
3. A Parental Unit. (Mom and Dad, you can respond together, or assign the duty to just one of you.)
4. Anna S-B! I'd love to know seven random things!
5. Amy, Amy, Amy. Yes, you, from Pittsburgh.
6. Skydiamonde, who has a blog and can actually post on that if she desires, although please let me know, and
7. Quaotes, which I can never spell correctly.


Amy said...

1. There are TWELVE boxes of cereal in my kitchen cabinets. I love cereal and I love variety, but I admit twelve boxes is pretty crazy.

2. When I see Nancy Pelosi on TV, I always tear up! I think it’s mostly because I am proud that ladies are finally moving up in politics. Despite this warm and fuzzy feeling, though, I’m not voting for Hillary. This leaves me with some feminist guilt.

3. I always use the handicap toilet. One time an actual disabled person came into the restroom while I was in there and had to wait for me to finish. I was pretty embarrassed, but I keep going in the handicapped stall! I really cherish that extra space…

4. I was accepted to grad school at CMU!!! In the fall I’ll start working toward a Master of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design – amazing!

5. I think the dumplings from New Dumpling House on Murray Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA are the best in the UNIVERSE. They should seriously enter the dumpling olympics.

6. My parents almost named me Fay.

7. "Din" is my favorite san-serif font right now. It's used on German traffic signs.

Aarwenn said...

Amy, I love you. Who could have known that Din is your favorite sans-serif font right this second? Fantastic.

skydiamonde said...

Posted on my journal, but in a friends-only post so you'll have to log onto your lj account to read it.

Anna S-B said...

1. I browse the newspaper obituaries every morning. I find them utterly fascinating; my husband thinks this is morbid.

2. I refuse to wear anything but neutral nail polish on my fingernails. I despise how colored nail polish looks. It's OK on your toes, though.

3. I have three months' worth of magazines sitting on my coffee table, unread. Why bother subscribing?

4. I love witnessing seeing-eye dogs. I run into them occasionally on the subway and I instantly tear up. I just find the relationship between the blind person and his dog so touching.

5. When I was in first grade, I wrote my class' Thanksgiving play to be performed in front of the entire school. I didn't direct it, though, nor was I the leading actress.

6. Muffins are my favorite pastry, hands down. I can resist doughnuts, croissants, and turnovers any day -- just give me a blueberry muffin. Mmm.

7. I regret not going to grad school immediately after college, as I have discovered it only gets harder and harder to find the time and motivation. But I'm also glad I waited, because now I would take my education in a completely different direction: something to do with nutrition/health education and literacy. You know, so I can advise others to not eat so many muffins, because they're really bad for you!


Aarwenn said...

skydiamonde, I loved your post, thank you! It was awesome!

And Anna S-B, I would have normally said that I knew a lot about you, but I had no idea of ANY of those seven things! Fabulous!

T-town Girl said...

Days latter, I have responded. My answers are posted on my blog.

Quatoes said...

I'm being really really lazy on this. Sorry. Umm, I'll get to it tonight?

Quatoes said...
Or not tonight. Here's the post.