Friday, March 07, 2008

Salsa + Wine = Hungover

Okay, Mom, just close the "I'm worried about you" email you're about to start. This is not about judgment. Thank you.

But yes, salsa! I went, even without a date (LT had a work event, and surprisingly, all my friends that I pinged at the last minute actually had lives that they couldn't drop to go with me) and I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY. I went to the lesson first, which was well-taught and easy to follow, and then the dancing started. I was worried I was going to be sitting on the sidelines, with no partner, but I spent very few dances sitting down, even though I'm a rank amateur. Everyone was very friendly, and there were some really amazing dancers. I probably didn't need a glass of wine. I should have just stuck to water, especially on an empty stomach. Because after working out, not eating, and drinking wine, I woke up this morning DEHYDRATED.

But it does not matter! Salsa is awesome!


Quatoes said...

Yay! Aarwenn is dancing again! :-)

deweyintoronto said...

Oh, Bah! Everything is better with a glass of wine. Or six...