Monday, March 03, 2008

Ridiculous Advice

While running errands by bus on Friday, wearing my spiffy new J. Crew silk cargo jacket (Ebay!) and my aviators, and feeling almost well-dressed enough to go into Nordstrom downtown--until I tried on a pair of $144 shoes, without which my life was no longer complete--I was trying to juggle about four bags, my phone, and the requisite cup of coffee as I was talking to my mother.

"Hi, Mom. I have to go skiing tonight, go skiing tomorrow, and then go to a big party tonight. Titan will be have company for about two hours out of 36. I'd like to take him to Grandma's. When do I do it?"

"I can help," she said, my enabler as always. "Should I come pick him up at midnight tonight after you're done skiing? Tomorrow morning at 6:30 before you leave for skiing? Should you meet me in Auburn?"

"Let me call LT," I said, and called him.

After I laid out all the options, at great length, I said, "So, baby? Do you think we can fit Titan in the car with all the ski stuff AND Sydney (the girl, not the city) tomorrow morning? What do you think?"

"I think you should take something off your schedule," he said.

WHAT? Who DOES that?

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