Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Is A Writer, Yes I Is

My blog post at Capitol Hill Seattle was mentioned in the P-I's Big Blog today!!

I can't get over it! I'm amazed they took notice! Not only is the post excerpted, but they mentioned the full post in "Recommended Reading" for today! Holy crap!

Drop by Capitol Hill Seattle to read the post in full.


T-town Girl said...

How awesome! I am very envious

Ice said...

Your blog is amazing, in fact I have it downloaded to my Google Reader. It's quite a great read.

Monica Guzman said...

Not only did I take notice of your post, I took notice of your post about your post.

You, madam, can write. Keep it up.


C said...


Aarwenn said...

Hi Ice, thank you!! So kind.

Also, thank you, Monica. :)