Thursday, November 13, 2008

Salivating Over Shoes

Start Drooling Now.

Aren't they gorgeous? I own them, and they are WAY cuter ON. So. Cute.

And these:

Rawr. And these look just as good on. Kind of amazing, actually.

And I'm REALLY into this style right now:

I love the huge business in the front--I think it's so sexy.

So, I've done a little shopping recently, possibly you noticed? I went to L.A. and got to see the excellent Ali and did a little shopping with her sister Sabrina on Rodeo Drive, and it was really, really fun, in spite of the Smythson store being closed. (I'm a pen-and-paper nerd. So sue me.) A few classic examples of Smythson:

Some other things I'm really looking forward to this season:

1. Armwarmers. I just bought these from Etsy, and I love them.

2. Great Big Hoodies. I don't actually have a good picture for this, because I haven't found the item I want. I want a hooded blazer-type item, both with sleeves and without, to wear over my button downs. I'm tired of sweaters.

And, one disappointment:

1. Victoria's Secret blouses. I used to love them. I bought them in bulk. And then they got a "new shape" and they no longer fit. I'm so annoyed. Hence the need for the freakin' cover-up hoodies. I might have to just go up a size, but of course, that's depressing all on its own.

But it's hard to be depressed with cute shoes! Yay, shoes!


skydiamonde said...

Where'd you see that first shoe? I saw this yesterday and considered it, but I like the one you found better.

Aarwenn said...

Hi darlin, both shoes pictured are Nine West. I will add the product links to the post--since there is interest. :)