Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Can't Write To Save My Life

So I'll just write a List Of Happenings.

ON the plus side, I have finally waited at work long enough that the wind has died down and I'll be happier riding home.

My life, in handy bulleted format, definitely not safe for delicates:

  • Sunday morning I stepped in dog doo twice before 10:30 am.
  • This is only deserved for waking up early enough to be out the door at 10:30 am. Only idiots do that on a regular basis.
  • I just read some of Tucker Max's updates from his movie premiere tour. No, but no one, should ever do that.
  • Now that you've done that, you'll need to douse your brain in bleach; I recommend taking it straight up the nose. I'll wait.
  • My car got broken into.
  • My car broke down.
  • Midas charged me 63 dollars for some hand-holding.
  • My mother gave me an iPod to replace the one that got stolen from my car.
  • My car runs okay now.
  • But I have basically stopped running.
  • I have rearranged my apartment three times.
  • In two weeks.
  • On Friday, I made a sofa.
  • I can't decide if staying at home and making things is more or less lame than parking next to the swingers boat at Seafair.
  • That was weird.
  • Both ends of the spectrum are weird.
  • I went shooting two weeks ago.
  • On Sunday, I made a jewelry chest.
  • I went go-kart racing last week.
  • I made arugula pesto with my homegrown arugula.
  • I made basil pesto with my neighbor's homegrown basil.
  • I spray-painted things.
  • Poorly.
  • I'm on a budget and it's made me weird.

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