Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Social Life and Veronica Mars

I'm taking the GREs on Saturday, and I have just discovered the TV show Veronica Mars.

These may be the two worst events to happen in the same month EVER, where "worst" is defined as, "you have now stayed up until 4:30 am watching Veronica Mars TWICE in the last two weeks, are in fact getting sick due to your wonky sleep schedule, haven't studied anywhere near enough, and are, in general, acting like you're back in school again already, when in fact this tendency is just more proof you should NOT be GOING back to school, you piss-poor excuse for an adult, you."

It's a long definition, but the Devil's Dictionary is like that. Long entries. (And they're in really tiny print in faded gray ink in an unnecessary ornate font.)


Fortunately my social life has apparently disappeared this week. No one has called, or is calling, which is sort of a blow to the self-esteem, but damn near perfect for my studying.

The problem is, instead of hanging out with people, am I studying?

Why would I do that?

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