Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moving On With Life

The five-year plan for my life is coming to an end in January.

In January, I will have worked here at The Office for five years. I've had several different jobs. I am making the kind of money that I planned on. And I have paid off my car. (Because it got totaled, but I didn't specify HOW I wanted to pay off my car.) And thanks to my five years of work, my pension--yes, The Office still has pensions--will be set.

What next?

Well, I'm applying to grad school. And riding the motorcycle a lot, and traveling a lot (not yet at the same time) and completely avoiding writing my novel, although that's obviously what I SHOULD be doing. It's an interesting time.

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Quatoes said...

Come over to DC and visit! I haven't hung out with you in years now. :-)