Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Standby Dish

That I eat at LEAST twice a week, sometimes more, for reasons that you will soon discover.

The Savoy Supper Version, which I had for dinner last and caused me to moan at every bite, is:

Kale, sauteed with two serious knobs of butter and a lot of garlic, and deglazed with several splashes of dry vermouth and then some lemon juice.

Very gently scrambled fresh chicken egg from co-workers chickens, scrambled for barely three minutes in more butter.

Sprinkle of Pecorino if you have it.

Kale, egg, sea salt, ground pepper, and pecorino: pretty magical. Nutritious, fast, super delicious. (Remember that eggs are much more common at dinner in most of the world. It's just North America that insists on eating them for breakfast.)

And then...there is the Trailer Park Version:

About 3/4 of a cup frozen spinach, warmed in the microwave for about a minute, or until hot. Sprinkle several squirts of lemon juice and shakes of sea salt. (Don't overdo! Sea salt is SALTY.)

One egg, poached in the microwave. (Seeing the theme?)

Dump egg over salted, lemony spinach. Break yolk, mix. Grate pepper, add salt to taste. Possibly add a nice grated cheese, if you feel like it. Parmesan is the classic, but Pecorino is my favorite. Also good with just the lightest sprinkling of truffle salt, which seems ridiculous to sprinkle over frozen spinach, but whatever.

Easy, fast, semi-nutritious. Both go well with red wine, the Trailer Park version slightly better. The Savoy Supper version doesn't need red wine.

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