Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Among the Things I Bought

It's inevitable: you will buy things, especially things that you would like to take with you on trips, and you will take them on trips--many, many trips--and if you are not LT, they will eventually break.

In this case, Japan ate my camera and my iPod earbuds, although it might be more appropriate to say that two very clumsy and cow-like ladies climbing over seats on my Northwest flight ate my earbuds. (One of them, with her tree-trunk legs, broke off my earbuds in the jack. Making it impossible for me to fix the problem with a new set of headphones. Two hours into the nine hour flight. I'm still miffed.)

Regardless, Japan actually did eat my camera, although I'm sure all the trips to the mountain didn't help either, and I have to (darn!) buy a new one. And then while I was at it I bought some earbuds, and three books, and I do also desperately need an immersion blender. (Shut UP. I do.)

And then I read this post, and then I read the follow-up, and I thought, yes! That's what I need to do!

And then I saw this list of cute shoes.

In conclusion, I must stop reading blogs. Thank you.

P.S. I realize I just went ahead and bought a camera and some earbuds without asking you guys for opinions, and yes, I realize that I'm not tapping my blog audience here. I'm an impulse buyer, what can I say? Just ask my American Express card.


alex said...

You picked a fine camera. No need to ask for advice. And with the SD850, you can boot the CHDK firmware enhancements. I just bought a new Canon camera for that singular purpose. It's a ton of fun.

C said...

You want cute shoes? The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is on now. Gah. BAD for my wallet.

Aarwenn said...

Hi alex, long time, no comment! I missed you! Glad to see you're still commenting!

Hi c: Yes, and SO hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

I came --thisclose-- to dropping my brand new, top of the line (for then) Christmas present of a camera in the Yokohama Bay while I was in Japan. It fell over the railing, bounced off a rock onto another rock and landed literally three inches from the water. And it wasn't even damaged! I was lucky.

By the way -- I don't think Mt. Fuji actually exists. In my five months in Japan, I saw it clearly twice. I was STANDING on it and I couldn't see it. I'm convinced it's a sham, like the moon landings.

~~Maria Matuscak