Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summary from Yesterday

So, I have figured out the subway system, learned how to use sign language and the occasional American word said in a Japanese accent to be understood, bought a phone card and a chapstick and a plug adapter. As long as you don't ask me to do anything complicated like pee, I'll be all set.

(My Ryokan--traditional Japanese Inn--has Western-style toilets, THANK BLOG.)

And a quote: My friends, the JJs, got here today. I was supposed to meet them at their hotel and got there before they did, so I took a walk. Just a few minutes later, they showed up, and the front desk lady said, before they even said who they were, "Oh! Your friend was here!" She told them I had gone to look for a cup of coffee, and they laughed. When they found me on the street, J said, "We heard you were here and we thought, "We just have to find the blonde in the coffee shop, and that'll be her. She's probably the only blonde for dozens of miles."

The blonde in the coffee shop, that's me!

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