Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sustainability Vs. Yuppiedom

A good example of a morning that's sustainable for my waistline, wallet, and the planet:

6:15 am: Wake up. Shower, dress. Pack breakfast and lunch: Homemade bread sandwich with local cheese and farmers' market pear. Homemade vegetable soup made from farmers' market vegetables, quinoa, a farmers' market apple, and a SIGG bottle with water. Extra credit: salad of dandelion greens from front yard. Fill personal mug with tea or coffee.

7:00 am: Take Titan for nice 20 minute walk. Taking backpack, lunch sack, and mug filled with hot beverage of choice, catch bus into downtown. Catch bus to Bellevue.

12:00 pm: Take walk at lunchtime.

5:00 pm and beyond: Ride bus back. Take long walk with Titan and do the Eastlake Hill Climb, or alternatively, go for thirty minute jog. Relax with glass of organic, local, red wine. For extra credit: Ferment homemade wine.

A good example of a morning that is not sustainable in any way, shape, or form:

10:00 am: Wake up, cursing with jet lag, at alarm that has been going off for four hours. Work very fast from home to make up for missing hours.

11:00 am: Far too late to take bus. No time to pack lunch. Get in car, drive to Bellevue. Stop to buy hugely fancy coffee from Starbucks in paper cup. Buy peppered bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich, packaged in paper bag.

2:00 pm: Sit on duff for hours.

6:00 pm: Drive to Happy Hour.

8:00 pm:
Drive to grocery shopping.

9:00 pm: Drive home. Let engine run for several extra hours just for kicks. Leave refrigerator open and turn up heat extra high. Turn on all lights in the house to go to sleep.

Okay, I was just exaggerating at the end. But STILL.

New Goal:
More days like the former, a lot fewer like the latter. Hey, I carpooled today...

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