Thursday, January 04, 2007

Before _______________, I Have To _____________, a Mental Exercise.

Fill in the blank.

I drive more than three miles: Stop for gas.

I buy gas: Withdraw money from Bank Account #1.

Bank Account #2 goes overdrawn: Put in money from Bank Account #1.

I get home: Drop by company store. (Insert soul-selling joke here.)

I leave work: Retrieve food from fridge.

(And I am stealing space in someone else's fridge, because MY office's fridge is now a mold colony and NO ONE HAS MOVED IT OR MADE AN EXECUTIVE DECISION ABOUT IT WHATSOEVER. It's been sitting there with mold on it for three days now.)

I leave for Texas: Bake cookies.

I leave for Texas: Pack.

Packing: Do Laundry.

Texas: Send out tutoring paperwork.

Texas: Make Briefing Chart for a meeting almost two weeks from now.

Said Meeting: Make an agenda.

The End of February: Move Out.

I move out: Find another place to live.

I find another place to live: Get pre-approved for a mortgage.

I get pre-approved: Wait for my raise to come through.

I implode: Scream.

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