Monday, January 22, 2007

2007 Resolutions!

Click the title to see my 2006 Resolutions.

SO! It's that time. I've been slow on this, partly because I've been busy living my life and skiing and stuff instead of thinking about living, but it's a slow Monday here at work AND it's lunch time, so...well, it's perfect.

I resolved to do a lot of things in 2006, some of which I did, and some of which...get recycled! Yay recycling! Um.

2007 Resolutions, For Real This Time

1. I resolve to DRINK MORE WATER. Sheesh.

2. I resolve to DETOX MORE. Again, sheesh. How hard can it be to not consume coffee, alcohol, or salt for just one day?

3. I resolve to never care about my skin again. So far, as it sits dirty, and has for days, it looks better than it ever has.

4. I resolve (again) to take a business training class! (Fun stuff, like applied microbiology, or composites. See? My job is awesome.)

5. I do NOT resolve to take a language class! Instead, I resolve to buy Spanish on tape and teach it to myself.

6. I resolve to write up a list of things I would like through the year, so that when Christmas rolls around, I won't be stuttering, "Um, er, gift cards," although they are awesome.

7. I resolve to continue creating a stranglehold on my finances, so that I can save for a condo down payment in 2008.

8. I resolve to try mineral makeup, which may seem petty, but it protects your face from the sun, doesn't clog pores, and is easy to wash off! Can it get better?

9. I resolve to listen to the stations 103.7, 98.1, and KEXP more.

10. I resolve to download KEXP programs and listen to those when contemplating buying more CDs.

11. I resolve to USE THE DAMN LIBRARY when I want new reading and listening material!

12. I resolve to NOT see a movie or read a book that I've already seen or read, when there are literally millions of amazing movies and books that I have not yet experienced.

13. I resolve to take my grandmother to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit.

14. I resolve to listen to more live music!

15. I resolve to go to Central Cinema, literally a stone's throw from my house, to watch cult movies and have a pint.

16. I resolve to investigate getting free tickets to events, and coupons for products.

17. I resolve to grocery shop on Member Days at Madison Market.

18. I resolve to buy books and media used, not new.

19. I resolve to pack my lunch EVERY day.

20. And my breakfast.

21. And not go to the cafeteria "just for coffee".

22. I resolve to send more thank you notes.

23. I resolve to clean out my cupboards, stationery boxes, and collections of "inspirational" magazine spreads, and either use what's there or toss them.

24. I resolve to make only TWO trips to the grocery every month!

25. I resolve to buy no indulgent coffee during the week!

26. I resolve to stop talking about saving money!

And finally...

27. I resolve to Attach Monetary Value To Everything I Own. With a label-maker, if necessary. Then, when I forget about a chapstick, I will think, "That's 2.74 down the drain! FIND THE CHAPSTICK!"


Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading, and this is always my favorite part of the post because I get to talk about the Things that I DID Do in 2006:

1. Resolved to move to Seattle...and did so!
2. Resolved to keep weight steady...and did!
3. Resolved to stay out of Starbucks...and did! (Mostly.)
4. Resolved to be overdrawn less...and I was!
5. Resolved to love my job more...and I do!
6. Resolved to get less involved in church...and I did!
7. Resolved to get involved in Youth Programs...and I did!
8. Resolved to finish cataloging and organizing my mp3 collection...and I did!

Yay me! I hope everyone is just as excited about starting 2007!


Alex said...

You were quite busy today. Uh...well, I guess given the amount you blogged, you weren't all that busy today. :)

You have a very comprehensive resolution list here. However, I can't help but wonder if #26--given the fact that about half of the other resolutions involve saving money--is doomed to fail.

kt said...

minearl makeupu rocks - and so does kexp!

Aarwenn said...

Alex: Totally and completely doomed. That is the POINT of this blog, after all!